We’ve all heard how important it is to make a first impression, but have you considered the first impression you’re making online? In today’s episode, we explore ways to enhance your online branding by concentrating on how you are first perceived.

Nika shares how inspiring trust and confidence helps create an authentic and convincing offering for your value. If we focus on the collective impact of our online profiling, we can create strong messaging that creates trust and builds rapport for us as industry leading professionals. Listen in and explore how you can shine – presenting your best self the first time around.

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What You’ll Discover In Today’s Episode:

  • Why your online profile should not be underestimated.
  • Discover the power of POPs: Perceptions of Power or Progress.
  • How to be found by industry personnel who are looking for leaders like you.
  • How to transform a typical profile into an industry leading expert profile.
  • Ways to build rapport without making the first contact.
  • How to encourage prospective employers and clients to trust your profile content.

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