From entrepreneur to
HIgh-Klout superstar thought leader

Angela Jia Kim, successful entrepreneur, inspirational thought leader, and American Express spokesperson, approached Ghost Tweeting to help increase her online visibility. While she had already built several highly profitable businesses, her social media presence had room for significant improvement.

Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur Needs Focus

Angela had a unique challenge: having built a successful spa (Savor Spa, NYC), her own line of organic skincare (Om Aroma & Co.), and a rapidly expanding global entrepreneurial community, Angela had multiple focuses, goals, and target markets. A broad-based presence on social media can appear fragmented and unfocused - but with success in so many areas, what's a groundbreaking entrepreneur to do?

A Strategy is Born:
Position the Thought Leader

After assessing all of Angela's ventures, we discovered one powerful constant behind her successful businesses: Angela, herself.  Those who have ever had the pleasure of meeting Angela are often struck by her authenticity, positivity, and brilliance. The reason everything Angela touches turns to gold is because of, well, Angela.  So, here is what we decided:

  • Build a social media strategy based upon Angela's Thought Leadership. Her inspiration, savvy business advice, and inclusive leadership style is a natural draw for other women entrepreneurs. The more we post her unique brilliance, the more she connects with her ideal audience, and the stronger her Thought Leader status grows.
  • Narrow her focus to her true, natural target market: Women Entrepreneurs. Her online community,, was built specifically for this niche, and had been growing by leaps and bounds. As a Thought Leader, this is the target with whom Angela wanted to connect most.
  • Generate content from her website, blog, videos, and other media where she provides motivation and information relevant to her target.
  • Develop a strong community on Twitter and Facebook. These were the ideal platforms to communicate Angela's strong message in an effective, clear, powerful way, and attract a thriving, engaged community of her target audience.
Thought Leader Becomes Social Media Magnet
We assigned one of our A-Team account managers to curate Angela's content and spark engagement. Angela had already built a solid following of about 13,000 people on Twitter. Our job was to enhance Angela's status as a Thought Leader, increase her visibility, and drive traffic to her websites. Results included:
  • Packaging Angela's content in Twitter-friendly posts that sparked massive engagement and drove substantial traffic to her websites.
  • Increasing her following from 13,000 to more than 19,000 within four months. We launched an intelligent community-building campaign to attract women entrepreneurs who appreciated Angela's upbeat message and authentic style.
  • Increasing sales volume. Although Angela's initial social media goals did not include growing sales, that was simply a natural extension of her successful and powerful campaign. Angela credits many new sign-ups and new sales (including a $15,000 program) to our work on her social media.


Want to find out how a strategic, intelligent,
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