Executive Builds Massive Communities
on Social Media

Thousands of targeted users start following client

Sure, he was posting quality content, but was it resonating among his target audience? A resounding yes. Much of the executive's posts were shared, likes, retweeted, favorites, and commented upon.
While we focused mainly on building a following and network within his company, we also targeted company partners and other thought leaders in his industry to broaden his expert status. On Twitter, we built a highly engaged network from 0 to 2,184 followers in the first three months alone. On LinkedIn, we expanded his already massive network by more than 15% in six months.
As engagement is a two-way street, we also positioned our client as an approachable, thoughtful member of the social media community. Through daily content sharing, retweeting, commenting, and liking of appropriate content, our client captured the attention of key influencers on social media. This ensured that our executive was not perceived as just a "broadcaster" of content, but as a highly engaged leader and participant in the relevant discussions of the industry.