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From Nika Stewart:
CEO, Ghost Tweeting

Dear Successful Entrepreneur: This is the most powerful social media program you’ll ever take.


If you are like most entrepreneurs, you’re using social media with mixed results. You may be great at generating engagement, producing valuable content, and building a loyal following; however, there’s something missing. There is something missing between your efforts on social media and producing sales.

And that’s what this program is about: the missing link. In this fast-paced, interactive, three-month group coaching program, you will learn how to drive your ideal clients from social media into your sales funnel.

My partner Rob and I are sharing the strategies that we use to help our high-level clients at Ghost Tweeting. We’re excited to reveal our techniques to fellow entrepreneurs (with some laughs along the way).

There’s a process for effective social media, and there is a process for making sales. But there’s a gap in the middle.

Conversion Zones social sales gap

The secret to getting more paying clients is
closing the gap between social media and your Conversion Zones.

If you are ready to replace your current, random social media activities with a highly strategic, proven system to drive targeted leads to your Conversion Zones, let me show you how we’re going to help:

First of all, this isn’t your average Social Media for Entrepreneurs class.

I’m not showing you how to simply increase brand awareness or become famous. I’m showing you how to take the effort and time you spend on social media and turn it into real profits.

We’re going to show you not only how to attract your target audience, but bring them to your sales funnel to maximize your conversion opportunities.

Yes, following this system will increase the number of ideal prospects paying attention to you, but it will do so much more than build your following.

You will learn how to strategically compel your prospects to take the next step.

I use this strategy to get phone calls from people who I’ve connected with on Twitter – and they buy on the spot.

A client in the business coaching industry recently brought in a $15,000 client using these strategies.

Just a few weeks after implementing this system, a CEO in the banking services industry started getting calls and requests for consultations from his LinkedIn connections. He now uses social media as an additional source of ideal leads.

So you see, it’s about more than growing your numbers. Here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • Two simple shifts you can make in your social media posting to dramatically increase your sales. Believe it or not, neither of them involves selling.

  • How to drive ideal prospects to your conversion zones without spending additional money on advertising
  • A proven way to get prospects to practically beg you to help them.
  • How you can get sales from social media even if you don’t have a huge community.
  • Say goodbye to haphazard, time-wasting conversations on social media. This strategic engagement process is simple and extremely effective at enticing the exact people you want to notice you (and hardly anyone is doing it).
  • A proven process that converts prospects into clients – and it is only effective on social media.
  • When it’s actually better to connect with less influential people online. Forget about the stress of hoping celebrities notice you.
  • 2 crucial client-attractive components that are almost always missing on social media profiles.
  • How to write compelling posts, even if you think you are a terrible writer. You don’t need to be Hemingway to entice your target prospects to take action. We’ll show you a simple formula.
  • 4 ways to establish instant credibility on social media – and create demand for your services.
  • To establish authority, you need to be on every social network, right? Wrong! We’ll determine the best social media platform(s) for your niche so you can stop wasting time in the wrong places.

Here’s how we’ll do it:

Conversion Zones Module One


In our first module, you will assess your current digital assets and map out your specific social sales path. You will then create a strategy to guide your ideal target prospects through the path to your conversion zones.

Conversion Zones Module 2


Learn techniques that bridge the gap between social media and paying clients. Here’s where you create what has been missing in your Social Sales path. You’ll discover what webpages are needed to attract visitors from social media and compel them to take the next step.

Conversion Zones Module 3


Learn how to strengthen your social media profiles with the proven Value Process that positions you as the go-to expert in your field.  You’ll create a compelling, branded bio, and turn your profiles into ideal-client-attracting machines.

Conversion Zones Module 4


Content is King? Well, only if it convinces your prospects that you can help, and drives them toward action. Learn how to write social media posts that provide value, cement your expert status, and create demand for your services.

Conversion Zones Module 5


We teach the strategic engagement process that entices the exact people you want to notice you. This is a simple technique that is almost always done wrong. Receive an Action Checklist to simplify your tasks.

Conversion Zones Module 6


Monitor your Social Selling Cycle to identify gaps and improvement opportunities. Convert with less work: Discover time-saving tools, templates, and technologies to simplify and automate your social media activities.

Yes, that’s a lot of powerful, real-world monetization strategies. And it’s content that no one else is teaching – because very few people are actually getting clients from social media.

But it gets better because you’re also getting:

  • Live Q&A video calls every other week: We’re not leaving you on your own!

Every other week, we conduct a live Q&A to review your progress, answer your questions, and give you some extra hand-holding. Any challenges will be addressed so you can keep moving forward. These extra meetings will keep you accountable, motivated, and on pace to driving your target audience to your conversion zones.

The best part about this is…

It’s designed to not let you fail! If you have questions, we will answer them. If you are struggling, we will walk you through it. If you feel confused, we’ll show you the light!

  • CONVERSION ZONE Assessment Template

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
~Business management consultant Peter Drucker

Track your social media conversions with this handy analytics template. It is designed to show you exactly where your Social Selling Cycle is working, and where it needs to be modified.

Who is this program for?

While Rob and I will make every attempt to share our knowledge, creativity, and experience to help you create more sales through social media, we cannot guarantee that everyone (or anyone) will have success.

This program is only for:

  • entrepreneurs with a proven product or service
  • people who are already familiar with how social media works (posting content, engaging, creating profiles, etc.)
  • business owners with established websites (and the ability to create new content on your site, i.e. blog articles and landing pages)
  • entrepreneurs who already successfully sell their products by other means (e.g., by phone, in person, via webinar, live events, etc.)
  • self-motivated individuals who are committed to following all steps in the program from start to finish, and participate in bi-weekly Q&A session

Here’s what to do next:

The cost of this program is $1875.

That’s a great price for learning an innovative system that could spark significant growth for your business.

How many new clients would you have to covert to cover the entire cost of the program?  For many entrepreneurs, the answer is *just one*.

In addition to driving more targeted leads to your Conversion Zones and increasing your sales volume, this program provides additional value by showing you how to:

  • increase your following
  • cement your expert status
  • improve your visibility
  • enhance relationships

Remember, this is the same proven method that we use for our high-level entrepreneurial clients at Ghost Tweeting.  And this program is being presented by two industry experts in a high-energy, fun, and exciting series.

But before you click to register,
I have one more thing to tell you.

For our beta launch, we are offering
the entire 3-month program for $997.


As soon as you register, you’ll receive the pre-assessment worksheet so you can prepare immediately.

Our first online class together is on Tuesday, May 16. (But don’t worry about missing anything – each class will be sent to you as a recorded video so you can consume and learn on your own schedule.)

As soon as you complete your registration, you’ll get an email with all the details, and a calendar of our classes and sessions.

It’s Time!

If you believe this program can impact your bottom line, immediate action is required. Registration is only open for 4 days (and our promotional price won’t be repeated).

I’m In! I want to join Conversion Zones!


This program is designed to help you use social media to bring more targeted prospects into your sales funnel. The cost is $1875, but we are offering a one-time promotion of $997 for the entire 3 month program. But you have just a limited time to join. If you have more questions, feel free to reach out here. Just do it quick!

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