How Does the Social Media Done For You program work?

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Our simple, effective process begins with your intake questionnaire. Your answers serve as our roadmap in planning and executing your social media strategy. Our team learns about your brand, preferences, and goals, and then creates a custom social media strategy. You are assigned a personal account manager who professionally implements and manages your social media campaign. [...]

What social media networks do you manage?

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We have exciting standalone and integrated programs on many social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr. We also write and manage blog articles and email newsletters. We will be happy to customize a program that suits your specific social media needs, goals, and budget. Take a look at our packages and [...]

How do I know the content will be in my voice?

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Our social media programs are designed to promote and echo your brand, not invent it. Through an intake form, we learn about your brand, voice, target audience, preferences, and goals. Our writers use this intake form as their road map when creating social media posts on your behalf. Much of your content will actually be YOUR [...]

I just registered! How long will it take to get started?

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When you first register, you are emailed an intake questionnaire automatically. Your first month's service will begin within two weeks of sending us back a completed questionnaire. During that time, our team reviews your website(s), blog articles, programs, products, services, and existing social media content to learn about you and your brand. We then compose content [...]

What types of content will you post?

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We use a powerful blend of your words (direct quotes from your blog, website, social media sites, and published works), along with links to your blog articles, service/product offerings, social media pages, and other relevant sites. We keep your audience up to date on your industry's news and trends. We also post quotes from inspirational and [...]

Am I still able to post on my account?

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Absolutely! Anything you post on your own pages will not affect your campaign. We maintain a steady presence for you and post the content that needs to be published on a consistent basis. Feel free to post your own updates on the fly, engage your followers, and share others' posts. It's fun! For those of you [...]

How does the billing work?

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Ghost Tweeting is a monthly subscription service. When you register for the service, your credit card is charged for your first month's service (and one-time setup fee). From that point on, your card is charged every month for as long a you choose to remain with the service. The billing is automated, so your card will [...]

How long do I have to stay with the service?

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This is a month-to-month service. If you do not wish to continue, simply send us an email before your next billing cycle, and we will terminate your program. There is no consequence for leaving the program (other than we will miss you!). It is important that that you notify us prior to the next billing cycle [...]