Facebook Management for Towns, Counties, & Municipalities

Facebook management for municipalitiesAttention Borough Administrators
and Business Managers:

Does Your Official Facebook Page Reflect the Unique Personality of Your Town?

      Do you have compelling, up-to-date content on your page that promotes your town’s events, activities, and programs?
     Is your page continually updated to reflect the latest happenings in your town?
     Are your residents and merchants checking your updates regularly?


O N E   M O R E   Q U E S T I O N :

Are you and your residents proud
of your town’s Facebook Page?

Engage directly with your residents, promote your
town’s events, and provide timely updates with a
professionally managed Facebook page.

Why Should We Have a
Professionally Managed
Facebook Page?

Q:  We already have a website. Why would we need a Facebook page also?

A:  Your website is essential, but so is a professionally managed Facebook page. Facebook has three distinct benefits over a website alone:

  • To get news from your website, residents must visit your site. Most residents rarely (if ever) visit their town’s website. But Facebook is different. When you post an update to your Facebook page, the information goes directly into your residents’ Facebook feeds. Once they “Like” your page they will receive daily updates of activities, events, and news – without having to go to your website.
  • Your Facebook page give your residents an opportunity to share your posts with their friends, “like” posts, and share their views on current events and activities. Your Facebook page will be professionally managed and monitored to keep conversations lively, fun, and civil.
  • Your Facebook page is updated daily. This promotes increased engagement with residents, greater participation in events and programs, and consistent, positive messaging about your town.

Q: What type of content will be posted to our page?

A: Your account manager consults with your office to plan a specific social media strategy that’s right for your town. We monitor your event calendar, local newspaper coverage, letters to the editor, and other news sources to keep your Facebook page relevant and up-to-date, Typically, we post the following types of content:

  • Upcoming activities. We generate excitement and increase attendance at township events and programs. Links are included to provide residents with additional information about programs and registration.
  • Newsworthy items and events that impact your town. This can include statewide or countywide news, activities, and legislation; letters to the editor about your town in the local newspaper.
  • Human interest stories and links; historical facts, photos, and links about your town; and fun facts and media of interest to you residents.
  • Local news, achievements, awards, and honors regarding local businesses, town officials, and employees.
  • Public announcements, general municipal news, and other important information.

Q: How often do you post to our Facebook page?

A: We post 1 to 3 times per day, 6 days per week. And, if you like, we can connect your Facebook posts to your town’s Twitter feed, so that each one of your posts are also “tweeted”!

Facebook Management for Towns, Counties, & Municipalities

If your Facebook Page is not current, interesting, and compelling, you are missing an opportunity to connect with your residents, promote big events, provide important information, and generate excitement.

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