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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

It’s ridiculously simple. Once you register, you receive an intake questionnaire. It’s 10 questions long, and your answers create the road map for our content strategy. Our writers study your form, research your brand/website, and begin creating content for whatever network(s) you selected. Within two weeks of completing the form, we begin posting on your social media account(s).

How many posts do I get every month?

We create and publish one post every DAY on the social media platform(s) you select.

Do you repeat content?

On Facebook and LinkedIn, content is not repeated. On Twitter, since a tweet has a very short shelf life, we sometimes repeat evergreen posts on different days and at different times (never more than once / month) – which gets you more visibility and results for your content.

How do I know the content will be in my voice?

Our social media programs are designed to promote and echo your brand, not invent it.

Through an intake form, we learn about your brand, voice, target audience, preferences, and goals. Our writers use this intake form as their road map when creating social media posts on your behalf. Much of your content will actually be YOUR VOICE because it is taken from things you have written yourself (and tweaked to be social media-friendly).

Our clients appreciate how accurately we capture their voice and ideas.

What kind of content do you post for me?

You determine the type of content we post. On our intake form, you identify the topics and messaging that you want posted on your account. We treat material you created (blog posts, published articles, videos, etc.) as a priority, but we also look for material that aligns with your brand, voice, and target audience.

How quickly do you get started?

We begin all programs within two weeks of receiving your completed intake form, but most campaigns are launched within one week.

Can I delete a post if I don’t like it?

Yes! But please tell us when you do. It helps us to better understand your preferences (and we can remove that post if it is in your Twitter library so it does not repeat).

Can I post content to my social media accounts also?

Yes. Feel free to post content at any time. It will not interfere with what we are doing for you.

Do you engage with my following?

In this program, we do not. But we have high-impact engagement programs on all social media platforms. Learn about our other services here.

Can I expand from one social media network to multiple networks?

You sure can! And we offer a 10% discount for each additional network. Simply email us, and we’ll send you a link to get started right away.

Can I upgrade to a larger program?

Of course! Our additional services include engagement (liking, sharing, retweeting, discussion starters) and community building (increasing following, growing networks). We also offer stand-alone services such profile writing, account setup, social media audits, Twitter book launches, and special events. You can learn about additional programs here.

Does this program have a long-term commitment?

No. Our programs are month-to-month. To cancel, simply contact us prior to your next billing date, and you will not be charged again. We will, however, complete your current month of service. We offer an extra month of service if you choose to pay for a full year up front.

Who is writing my posts?

All of our writers are employees of our company. They are all native-English speakers and have been fully trained on our content development methods and social media systems.

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