Social Media for Eateries:

Restaurants, Nightclubs, Dessert Shops, and other food and beverage establishments:
Use Social Media and Mobile Marketing to build business faster and smarter!

check markIncrease customer traffic

check markCreate “Buzz” about your establishment

check markGenerate loyalty by connecting with customers on a more personal level

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Social media has transformed restaurant marketing forever. For the first time, restaurant owners have the opportunity to actively interact with customers using timely, fun, and informative updates.

Grow Your Business Using Facebook:

  • Building a loyal customer base. By offering weekly specials, fun promotions, and interesting content, restaurants are winning new customers and generating more repeat business than ever before.
  • More customer engagement: Customers are actively participating with your brand. People love sharing their positive experiences with their friends and family.
  • Developing more personal relationships with customers: Facebook gives restaurants the opportunity to become more “human” by posting photos and information about the owner, chefs, and staff members.

Did you know?
~150 million people visit Facebook pages every day.
~49% of consumers use Facebook to search for restaurants.
~Local businesses’ Facebook pages average 645 million views and 13 million comments per week.

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Grow Your Business Using Mobile Marketing:

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  • Increased sales: Let’s face it, as much as your customers love your restaurant, you’re not the only game in town. When it comes time for your customers to decide which restaurant to choose for the evening, tip the scales by offering a well-timed special – texted directly to their mobile phones!
  • Customer Loyalty: Keep your customers coming back again and again by offering regular incentives. Let them know about a featured dish, special promotion, or entertainer coming to your establishment.

Did you know?
~81% of consumers search on their mobile phone for a restaurant.
~Text messages have a 99% open rate!

Remember, mobile marketing is 100% opt-in, which means that the only people who receive your messages are the ones who purposefully sign up for your broadcasts. Simple messages are sent directly to their phones no more than once per week. Let us show you how to build your list of mobile subscribers!

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Growing Your Businesses Using Other Social Media Platforms:

Let us build and enhance your brand image by communicating with your customers on this highly visual platform.

We will show off your special dishes, highlight happy customers, and invite guests to share their pix of your restaurant. Diners love to share delicious meals with their friends and family, which attracts new customers to your establishment.

We create and post highly sharable content to reach more customers and improve your search engine ranking on Google.

We write and post consistent content and build a strong following to take full advantage of this powerful social media network.

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