Looking for a creative, fun interactive way to spread your message, launch your new book/product, attract media attention, develop profitable alliances, or just generate buzz and excitement?
Ghost Tweeting Twitter Party

Throw a Twitter Event
(Twitter Party, Twitter Forum, Town Hall)

Let the Twitter pros at GhostTweeting.com help you plan, implement, and host a memorable, business-boosting, exciting online event.

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Perfect for:

Authors  ■  Entrepreneurs  ■  Coaches  ■  Motivational Speakers  ■  Service Providers
Information Marketers  ■  Online Community Managers  ■  Manufacturers/Distributors

A Twitter Party/Forum is a fast-paced, highly interactive online chat where you communicate directly with a group of followers to introduce a new concept, promote a new offering, or inspire action. Similar to a media interview, your co-host at GhostTweeting.com will ask questions, promote active participation, and guide the discussion to maximize your results.

Here’s how it works:


check markYour social media strategist works with you to identify your intention and goal for the event.

check markWe then craft the event plan, agenda, giveaways, and timetable.

check markWe guide you in identifying and securing promotional partners.

check markYour strategist will consult with your marketing and administrative team to coordinate the event.

Creative Development:

check markYour strategist will help you create questions and answers for the event to keep you on message and help meet your event goals.

check markWe create a portfolio of promotional tweets for you and your event partners to maximize attendance.

check markWe write compelling copy for your event landing page to generate excitement, increase your following, promote your product/service/concept, and provide easy instructions for attendees.

Event Management:

check markOne of our Twitter experts will co-host the live event, guide you through the questions, run contests, direct traffic to your website, promote your product/service/program, and inspire action.

check mark We communicate with you via text or phone to ensure the event goes smoothly and answer your questions.


check markWe provide a written transcript of the event so you can review the conversation and activity.

check markYou receive a detailed report of the event including retweets, most active participants, and total accounts reached.

check markWe follow-up with messages to contest winners.


What great results can you expect from your Twitter Event?

  • Amplify your online visibility. It is common to reach 100,000+ accounts during a single event!
  • Grow your Twitter following, increase your Facebook likes, and expand your e-newsletter list.
  • Increase traffic to your website, blog, YouTube channel, landing pages, or other sites.
  • Generate buzz and excitement to attract and engage your ideal clients.


Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to spread your message in a big way! Let us customize a memorable Twitter event for you today!  Contact us for a specific quote, or call us at (732) 462-0972

Fee: $600 – $1,250