Your Twitter Bio is the first place someone looks when deciding whether or not to follow you. Make a great first impression with a compelling profile, and you’ll attract many more followers, increase web traffic, and boost your business presence.

Here are 5 tips for writing a winning Twitter profile:

“How do I position myself as an expert on my Twitter Profile?”

Be clear and specific. Don’t try to show yourself off as a Jack or Jill of All Trades. Focus on one area of expertise.  Be an expert who helps a specific target.  You gain much more credibility when you share a definite niche and target in your Twitter Profile.

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Showcase your credibility, but make sure you create connection

There’s no doubt that you want to tell the world about your expertise and experience, but make sure you also include personal information in your Twitter Profile. This is where you will make true connections with people.  Remember – people want to follow PEOPLE, not brands or companies or logos.  So tell each person who lands on your page why they should want to get to know more about you.  Scrapbook fanatic? Dog lover? Mom of 6 kids?  Let us know!

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“Should my profile photo be my headshot or my business logo?”

Remember way back about a paragraph ago when we talked about making connections?  People don’t connect with logos.  They connect with people.  You may be using your Twitter account for business, but the business isn’t writing the tweets and building relationships.  That’s all YOU!  You will grow your following exceedingly quicker (and attract more paying clients) if you use a personal photo, as opposed to a business picture.

Once people relate to you, they will want to know about your business.  But they won’t listen if they don’t first connect with you when they land on your page.

Twitter Profile

Be SEO Friendly

People will search for your industry and expertise on Twitter, and you want to be found.  Add a few hashtags (no more than 3) with keywords that your target audience is using when searching for you.

i.e. #socialentrepreneur #businesscoach #nutritionist

Don’t forget your website URL!

If you’ve captured someone’s attention, they’ll want to know where they can learn more about you and your business.  So don’t forget to complete your profile with your website address.

Go update your profile with these tips right now! You are sure to notice a big jump in followers, expert status, and web traffic. And if you’d like to learn even more ways to expand your visibility, attract your target audience, and grow your business – without spending hours a day on social media, we’ve created a free e-book to help. Grab your blueprint for social media success here.