Specialties: We have created niche-specific programs to best serve you, your business, and your audience.  All programs are fully customizable.  Click your appropriate category to learn more…

Entrepreneur & Small Business Social Media Management

Imagine getting all the benefits of a high-level, effective social media marketing campaign, without doing any of the work.  Your team of Ghost Tweeting social media experts writes engaging posts – in your voice – and consistently spreads your message, magnifying your brand visibility. Learn more about our entrepreneur & small business social media management programs here.

Thought Leader Social Media Management

You are an author, coach, speaker, thought leader.  Now that you’ve developed your brand and cultivated a vibrant following, it’s time to magnify your social media presence in a meaningful and explosive way.  Our Thought Leader program makes your voice heard in a bigger way.  Learn more about our Thought Leader social media management program here.

Corporate Brand Social Media Management

Our corporate brand programs are intensely managed, individually designed, and strategically developed. Each one designed to serve as your complete social media management department – at a fraction of the expense! Learn more about our corporate social media management programs here.

Political Campaign Social Media Management

Strategic, professional social media management services to keep your political campaign focused, on-message, and engaged with your constituency. Let’s work together to maximize visibility, increase name recognition, promote campaign messaging, and get out the vote! Learn more about our political campaign social media management programs here.

Real Estate Social Media Management

Imagine broadcasting your listings and open houses to thousands of potential homebuyers – without having to spend hours and hours on Twitter and Facebook. With our social media done-for-you programs, we handle your social media management from writing the posts to publishing them across multiple networks.Learn more about our real estate social media management programs here.

Authors & Book Promotion Social Media Management

Our social media experts build you a massive online community of followers, fans, and contacts while generating BUZZ for your book launch. Put our dedicated team of social media experts to work to create an awesome online PR campaign! Learn more about our authors and book promotion social media management programs here.

Health and Wellness Social Media Management

Our custom packages for busy health and wellness professionals build a strong social media presence that gets the results you need: improved visibility, new patients and clients, and enhanced trust and credibility. It’s easy and affordable! Learn more about our health and wellness social media management programs here.