Blog Articles Done For You


Pop Quiz!

(Hardly fair since you were never given the study materials;
so we will give you a hint: The answer is “E”)

Question: Timely and relevant blog posts can accomplish which of the following?
(Remember: the answer is E!)

A: Increase traffic to your website

B: Enhance your expert status

C: Improve your online visibility

D: Grow your community of followers

E: All of the above!

Yes, of course – all of the above. If you are not writing quality blog posts on a consistent basis, you are missing out on opportunities to grow your business.

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Website Traffic Expert Status Online Visibility Community Building
Use your blog posts to entice prospects to your site via Twitter and Facebook. Quality blog content attracts target customers to your website. Visitors to your website see you as the authority in your field when they read authoritative blog articles that show off your expertise. This builds confidence and leads to increased engagement and sales Twitter users love to rebroadcast interesting, informative tweets to their followers. Well-written blog posts amplify your brand and your message. People enjoy following leaders and gurus. Quality blog content will demonstrate your ability and willingness to share valuable information.


No time to write blog posts consistently? Let us help.

Don’t lose out on the amazing benefits of building a robust, content-rich, visitor-attracting, expert-status-boosting blog. Our team of creative writers will research and write your blog articles for you – and here’s the best part: You are in full control of the topics and content!

Each month, YOU select the blog ideas, YOU choose the angles, and our team does the rest. Professional writers research your topics, craft quality blog posts, and send it to you to publish. You can tweak it, add graphics, put it in the appropriate category, and post it for your adoring fans to enjoy.

Don’t want to choose the topic? That’s fine with us. We will create appropriate blog posts that align with your brand and your message – and here’s the best part: Your name goes on the post! You get to take full credit for the article.

One more thing. These blog posts are all original articles. We do not sell “used” articles. These are written exclusively for you. And here’s the best part: you can repurpose the blog posts! You own the articles, and can use them as you see fit. Publish them on your blog, newsletter, or article sites.


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Help us to help you increase your website traffic by building a robust blog!

All blog posts are between 200 and 300 words. All pricing is on a per-month basis:

One (1) Article Per Month: $200.00 (Members: $160)
Two (2) Articles Per Month: $325.00 (Members: $260)
Three (3) Articles Per Month: $425.00 (Members: $340)
Four (4) Articles Per Month: $500.00 (Members: $400)

P.S.: For existing members of our GhostTweeting service, we create tweets for each new blog post as we write them. This way, your campaigns are updated instantly, and your new tweets are entered into your stream as soon as the blogs are posted!

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