Over the past six weeks, we have received applications from inspirational thought leaders with powerful visions and missions to positively impact the lives of people all over the world.

The pool of applicants includes forward-thinking thought leaders, innovators, and game-changers from six continents. They excel in such diverse areas as the humanities, health and wellness, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. It was a daunting task to narrow our field of contestants!

From here, our 25 quarter-finalists will be reviewed by our esteemed panel of thought leader judges, who will select the Top 10 candidates. These semifinalists will compete in online challenges to see who will be the 2013 Next Global Thought Leader!

From all of us at GhostTweeting.com, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to our top 25 quarterfinalists! Here they are:

Dana Trentini

Dana Trentini

“My mission is clear – to save babies worldwide!”

Scientific research links thyroid dysfunction to a vast array of dangers in pregnancy including miscarriage, still birth, and deficits in intellectual development in infants. The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people, mostly women, with thyroid dysfunction worldwide, yet over half are unaware of their condition. Dana Trentini, the “Hypothyroid Mom,” works tirelessly to change health policy to mandate universal thyroid screening in pregnancy. She is an executive coach and former science teacher for intellectually gifted students.


Shelly Batra

Shelly Batra

“My mission will change the world by eradicating Tuberculosis and Drug Resistant TB, which are among the biggest causes of ill-health, great economic loss, and disruption of family life.”

Though fully curable, tuberculosis has become a global pandemic. There are 9 million new cases of TB annually, and 1.5 million deaths. Dr. Batra is cofounder and president of Operation ASHA, an organization striving to eliminate TB through treatment, counseling, and education. She is a senior gynecological surgeon in New Delhi, India, with a long-standing history of addressing health issues in disadvantaged communities. She was selected as Ashoka Changemaker for her innovative methodology to solve a major global health crisis.


Benjamin LandBenjamin Land

“My mission will change the world by bringing corporate leaders shoulder to shoulder with developing world entrepreneurs to transform the citizenship of corporations.”

Benjamin Land is on a mission: To promote international volunteer work for the corporate sector as a platform for personal, professional, and organizational development. Rather than an incentive trip to Vegas and leadership training with Lego blocks, Benjamin’s organization delivers reality-based learning for companies and their employees. His first experience with international volunteering was a construction project in Vanuatu. He has led other global projects in such diverse places as Israel and Fiji.


Ogunbawale Oladayo

Ogunbawale Oladayo

“My mission will change the world by training youths on integrity & having excellent mindset, beginning from my country.”

Oladayo Ogunbowale’s vision is to raise a critical mass of youths to engage the political system in their respective environments, thereby rebuilding the world’s political institution via good governance structures. His strategy includes social media, global youth centers, and mentorship programs. Oladayo is a member of the clergy, “Fellow” of DESPLAY Africa, delegate to ICPD Global Youth Forum in Bali, and alumnus of the Africa Leadership Forum. He facilitated 20+ youth capacity building sessions in Nigeria and Ghana.


Erica Diamond

Erica Diamond

“My vision will change the world by getting people unstuck, out of a rut, thriving in their lives, and then creating a ripple effect of greatness where THE WORLD is chasing their dreams.”

Certified Women’s Life, Business & Success Coach, award-winning entrepreneur, author, speaker, and mentor, Erica Diamond is on a mission to inspire people across the world to take the pledge to “Get off the fence.” She encourages people of all ages to take the leap and change their lives for the better. Erica created an active blog that serves as a forum for all women who have ever been on the fence.


Rochelle ForrestRochelle Forrest

“My Tummies Minds Spirits mission will change the world because it’s about ending a cycle of poverty by implementing a duplicatable blueprint that functions on a sustainable ‘we’-driven leadership model.”

Rochelle Forrest founded Tummies Minds Spirits with the goal of providing all children the kind of education that we would like our own children to experience. Her organization strives to end the cycle of poverty by providing education to young adults so that they have the tools and skills to live their best lives, no matter their initial economic circumstances. Rochelle is a Registered Nurse. practicing holistic health coach, and published author of six books.



Pamela Gail Johnson

Pamela Gail Johnson

“My mission will change the world by creating a cultural shift in how we communicate about happiness.”

Pamela founded the Secret Society of Happy People to help people celebrate happiness and find more happiness when they are in need. She believes that happy people seek solutions that benefit the masses instead of power solutions that benefit the few. The Society has been featured in many national magazines, newspapers, and TV shows. Pamela has been an InspireMeToday.com luminary in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012 and appeared on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.


Pauline Giles

Pauline Giles

“My mission will change the World by raising awareness and empowering people to have no fear to speak about cancer.”

According to Pauline Giles, one in eight women will suffer from breast cancer. Pauline has created a movement to educate young women on the importance of self-examinations and early detection. She created a blueprint for global cancer education, and her organization employs breast cancer survivors to spread the message and increase awareness. Pauline is an inspirational community leader and advocate, seasoned public speaker, prolific networker, effective fundraiser, and frequent guest on radio shows.


Laura DoyleLaura Doyle

“My mission will change the world by ending divorce.”

Laura Doyle is on a mission to end word divorce by helping women create intimate, passionate, peaceful relationships. According to Wikipedia, Laura started a movement when she wrote The New York Times best-selling relationship book, “The Surrendered Wife,” which was published in 26 countries and 15 languages. She and her team train relationship coaches to lead other women through intimacy skills training and relationship coaching. Laura hosts a call-in radio show and blogs for The Huffington Post.




April Fan

April Fan

“My message will change the world by slimming down caregiving woes.”

April Fan is a “Caregiver for all Caregivers.” According to April, people caring for their aging family members cause an estimated productivity loss of more than $25 billion annually due to absenteeism. She created a movement to transform Corporate America and provide support to burned out family caregivers. April is a Clinical Dietician and a Lifestylist for today’s caregiver. She is also a national speaker who has been published in two languages and earned prestigious industry honors.


Dr. Will Moreland

Dr. Will Moreland

“My mission will change the world by inspiring every individual to tap into their inner genius to give back to the world their very best selves.”

Entrepreneur, innovator, trainer, author, and veteran, Dr. Will Moreland is on a mission to empower every individual to believe in their inner genius. He has played a key role in establishing Leadership Academies in Ghana and India, founded a world-class mentoring program for teenagers, and authored the critically acclaimed book, “Genius Potential.” Dr. Will is a frequent guest on local and national television shows and he has presented his philosophy in more than 25 countries on four continents.


Kris WittenbergKris Wittenberg
@BGTP & @BeGoodToPeople

“My mission will change the world by creating contagious kindness wherever Be Good to People travels.”

“Why can’t people be good to people?” was the question Kris Wittenberg asked herself after experiencing a rude encounter back in 2008. And out of this experience, Be Good to People was born. Kris founded a movement to make the world a kinder place. She is striving to implement her movement in schools as a way to end bullying; in corporations as a way to encourage kindness; and even nationwide to bring communities together.





Traci Bild

Traci Bild

“My mission will change the world by changing the thought process of women and in turn their ability to impact the world around them.”

Nicknamed, “Our fearless leader,” by the women within her organization, Traci is the founder of the Get Your Girl Back global movement. Her mission is to help women get out of their heads and into the power of their minds to create an amazing life by design. She is the author of best-selling books and has been featured in national publications and on major television networks. Controversial, inspirational, and authentic, Traci is “fearlessly going where no woman has gone before.”


Romy Taormina

Romy Taormina

“My mission is to positively change the lives of those who suffer from nausea.”

Co-founder of Psi Health Solutions, Romy Taormina launched her business to change the lives of people suffering from nausea, a debilitating medical condition brought on by many causes including chemotherapy, motion sickness, and morning sickness. She earned numerous awards including Tory Johnson’s “Daring Doer,” Martha Stewart’s “Dreamer Into Doer,” and Trailblazer Award from Wells Fargo and National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). She also won first place in the SheKnows Parent Choice Awards for “Best Morning Sickness Remedy.”


Melody StevensMelody Stevens

“My mission will change the world by helping millions of people drop unhealthy habits and become exponentially more productive!”

Successful entrepreneur, business leader, national speaker, author, mentor, and time management expert, Melody Stevens founded a movement and philosophy to help people become “Time Millionaires.” She teaches proven systems that enable people to take charge of their lives and careers by dropping unhealthy, unproductive habits. Melody helps people recover their power by encouraging them to eliminate low-dividend activities and focus on career and personal growth. She has written an Amazon.com best-selling book and is a Huffington Post contributor.





Patty Lennon

Patty Lennon

“My mission will change the world by giving mothers everywhere the tools to pursue the greatest version of the grandest vision of their lives with the world free from fear, guilt and exhaustion.”

A life design coach, mom, and former corporate executive, Patty Lennon uses what she learned in her own journey through motherhood and back to herself to help women everywhere be as deeply in love with their lives as they are with their children. She founded “Mom Gets a Life,” a support network that helps women transform their lives, businesses, and families. Patty has pioneered a new vision of motherhood and works with her clients to create successful habits.


Angela Goodeve

Angela Goodeve

“My mission will change the world by creating awareness, support, inspiration and empowerment for people to manifest unlimited possibilities!”

Angela Goodeve believes in everyone’s personal power to tap into unlimited possibilities in life. She is passionate about the conviction that making the world a better place starts with us as individuals. Angela teaches people to get to know themselves and find what they really want in life, and to capitalize on their strengths and accept their weaknesses in order to succeed. She is a published author, human service professional, a life-coach, and frequent guest on radio shows.


Adrian HolmanAdrian Holman

“My mission will change the world by putting an end to bullying.”

Bullying has become an epidemic with traumatic effects and sometimes tragic consequences. Too often, the strong prey upon the weak, and the weak do not have adequate resources to defend themselves. Standing proudly at 4’7″, Adrian Holman has experienced his share of ridicule and cruelty, but his self-developed, unique mental strategies keep his dignity and self-esteem in tact. His goal is to prevent the weak from being bullied ever again. Adrian’s blog has amassed one million+ views since 2009.






Michelle Branch

Michelle Branch

“My mission is to end the female tug-of-war between “doing” beauty and “being” authentically beautiful.”

Michelle Madrid-Branch asks: “Have women become perfection junkies hungry for their next beauty fix? On the quest to erase every line on our face, are we also erasing the very core of our authenticity? Michelle created a powerful social media presence to transform women’s perceptions and help them connect to the perfect essence of who they are. She is a former Emmy-nominated news anchor and reporter and has garnered support for her movement from top diplomats, politicians, and business leaders.


Cindi Schultz

Cindi Schultz

“My-Foothold helps women take steps to transform and build their extraordinary lives by connecting & learning from women who have walked in their shoes.”

Cindi Schultz created a support network for women who are at a crossroads, dealing with devastating issues such as abuse, bankruptcy, divorce, or any other life-changing event. She provides mentors who have been through the same issues to help women overcome challenges and rebuild their lives. Her program shifts “I can’t, I shouldn’t, I wish” into “I can” Cindi curates a successful blog and hosts “coffee chats” where women can ask questions and receive assistance.


Judy GossJudy Goss

“My movement will change the world by providing a platform for women over the age 40 to ban together and empower themselves through promotion and resources.”

Judy Goss founded Over 40 Females, a national networking organization to empower women better than 40 years through online and live events. She provides a vehicle for women to “Connect, Encourage, and Inspire,” with a dozen chapters across the country and six more ready to be launched. Judy is a published author, an experienced television personality, and a former editor of Cosmopolitan and More. Judy’s vision is to expand her mission to an international scale.







Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan

“My vision will change the world because we are sharing the stories from people who have succeeded through adversity and these stories will bring hope for others”

Simon Jordan, founded “One Planet, One Place,” with a mission to motivate, inspire and give back. Simon calls this enterprise “the show for the human spirit,” as it acts as a conduit for people to share their stories and make a difference in the world. Tired of all the bad news in the press, Simon created One Planet, One Place to highlight the joy among our day-to-day challenges. Last year, Simon’s organization partnered with Global Angels, a global children’s charity.


Susan Vernicek

Susan Vernicek

“My mission is to help women tap into their infinite power, so collectively we change the world we live in.”

Susan Vernicek has a clear vision to shift the mindsets of women and how they see themselves for their true identity. She is the founder of identitymagazine.net , a community of 50,000+ women who share their stories, inspiration, passions, and resources. An experienced public speaker, award-winning advocate, and sought-after guest on television and radio shows, Susan is currently in the midst of a 48-state tour to promote her Identity MagBook and her inspirational message.


Michelle Howe ClarkMichelle Howe Clark

“My mission will change the world by guiding women to overcome cancer and other life obstacles so they can survive and thrive.”

Michele Howe Clarke survived traumatic head & neck cancer requiring multiple surgeries, leading to alteration of her facial features. She has turned her harrowing experience into a way to heal other cancer victims by providing ways to survive and thrive. She has written a critically acclaimed best-seller “Face Forward,” developed unique survivorship programming, and inspired millions of people with her public speaking appearances. Her book and presentations have been endorsed by top thought leaders and organizations.








Sheldon Ginsberg

Sheldon Ginsberg

“Our mission will change the world by healing the darkness infesting Humanity’s Collective Unconsciousness.”

The presence of billions of humans creates a reservoir of thought-energy that Carl Jung called the Collective Unconsciousness. Sheldon Ginsberg and his wife, Sheri Keys, are on a mission to help heal our world by bringing higher vibrational thoughts to humanity’s Collective Unconsciousness. The pair authored “Evolution’s Hero,” about a team of healers who travel to the Collective Unconsciousness. Sheldon is a 12th-Level Energy Healer; Sheri is a former CEO of the Institute of Women Writers and Smart Women’s Institute.


Payson Cooper

Payson Cooper

“My mission will change the world by creating more opportunity for people to live the life of their dreams, creating more happiness, more fulfillment and more wealth.”

Payson believes that entrepreneurs – and every life they touch – will benefit as each of us learns to be ourselves, recognize our value and worth, and put ourselves out into the world in an authentic, real way that connects us to our clients. She says you should market your LIGHT. As entrepreneurs embrace this new direction, they will feel empowered, become more charismatic and attractive, and the people who need what they have will be more interested and aware of their presence.