These days, finding a plot of land in social media advertising real estate is getting more and more competitive. In a bid to keep up with media giants Twitter and Facebook, Pinterest has entered the battle for the attention spans of the masses.

With over 150 million monthly users, the “world’s catalog of ideas,” provides tons of opportunity to reach new customers. Now with added enhancements for a more precision ad campaign, Pinterest is making it easier for your content to be seen by the right people, at the right time. Here are some of the key changes.

Target users based on past interaction

Pinterest users are not just looking for inspiration; they’re also looking to buy. With the goal of helping businesses sell, the visually stimulating social media platform has changed the way you can target users. Pinterest now allows you to target audiences based on how they’ve interacted with your page in the past by retargeting these five actions:

  • clicks
  • likes
  • comments
  • saves
  • closeups

Users typically save posts while on the go or if they plan to go back and look later, and even with the best intentions, that may not happen. By targeting audiences based on past engagement with your content, you’re giving them a gentle reminder by getting the content in front of them again. According to Pinterest’s business blog, “people who’ve clicked on a Pin are 4.4 times more likely to take action on that Pin in the future,” and people who have interacted with a brand-related pin within the past 30 days are 2.2 times more likely to buy a product from that brand than people who don’t interact with a pin related to that brand.

Needless to say, these improvements will be indispensible to brands looking to get their content or products back in front of interested users.

Retarget visitors to your website on Pinterest

The newest update allows businesses to capitalize on engagement and traffic by adding the Pinterest tag to company websites. Once you’ve placed the code, you can target audiences on Pinterest based on actions taken on your website. For example: you can create a targeted campaign for customers that have added an item to the shopping cart, signed up for an email list, watched a video, or browsed through a certain category.

These new enhancements allow you to do things like identify customers who’ve spent high dollar amounts and target them for a future big purchase. If customers have searched for a particular product in the past, you can target them with a similar product. Pinterest says, “A simple way to get started is by using specific URLs from pages on your site – like your checkout or confirmation page – and then retargeting the people on Pinterest who’ve visited those pages in the past.”

With Pinterest’s latest round of enhancements, we have opportunities to get our content in front of eyes that have proven to be interested. How will you use these improvements to help grow your business?