Why Entrepreneurs Need to Jump on the Periscope Bandwagon

Periscope: Apple’s App of the Year, this new(ish) form of social media has hit the marketplace and is changing the way companies communicate with audiences. Twitter purchased the live-streaming mobile video app in February 2015. The app allows users to broadcast live video from their smartphones at the touch of a button, with endless potential for entrepreneurs to gain an online presence in the live-streaming kingdom.

The recipe is easy:

One smartphone + one willing (and hopefully charismatic) entrepreneur = boatloads of new opportunities for engaging current and potential customers, sharing valuable expertise, and increasing the coveted trust factor.

Seem like a no-brainer? Here’s why you should get in while the gettin’s good.

An untapped market

Periscope is growing at an unprecedented rate. So far, it’s the fastest growing social network to date, with 1 million users in its first 10 days. Four months after launch, 10 million users were accessing the network. Periscope now boasts more than 4 million daily active users. Those numbers are only increasing. By jumping in while the platform is still growing, small businesses are afforded the ability to be pioneers in a market that is not yet completely utilized by larger brands.

An opportunity for authenticity

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: when it comes to social media, being yourself is the best sales pitch. When a potential customer has the opportunity to engage with a real human being who is intelligent, engaging, funny – or even quirky, irreverent, awkward – the customer feels an immediate sense of connection. Periscope forces you out of the filtered world of perfection and brings you down to an attainable and personable level where your audience is at the helm. If you want to accelerate the “know, like, trust” factor, Periscope’s platform is the way to go.

Unprecedented business opportunity

Periscope’s live streaming medium offers a new way to showcase your product/self/brand to a shiny new audience. The sky is the limit with opportunities for streaming behind-the-scenes content, tutorials, Q & A sessions, product launches, your cat’s bedtime routine. Customers want to know there is a human being behind a brand: Having a logo is not enough. Periscope serves to foster that connection with opportunity for honest and raw conversation, opinion sharing, and maybe even some joke swapping, which always translates to further brand loyalty.

The future of social media is video

What better way to connect with a vast audience of potential customers than a video platform that puts you right in front of millions, instantly? People want things now; the immediate response and real-time engagement Periscope provides speaks to a generation who is not willing to wait for answers.

In recent years, visual media has skyrocketed in popularity. Picture, video, and now live streaming are changing the way we connect online. The potential for entrepreneurs to advertise, build brands, and increase customer loyalty from the comfort of their office or apartment – or while taking a morning jog – remains a huge draw to get onto the platform. So what are you waiting for?


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