Happy Presidents’ Day!  In honor of our nation’s leaders, we have compiled a list of our favorite Presidential tweets:


@WHTaft: Sweet! There’s wifi in the bathtub.

@HonestAbe: They made a movie about me? Too bad I’m never going into a theater again. #badmemories

@BenFranklin: You guys know I wasn’t actually a president, right?

@PresJGarfield: For the last time, this is not the account for Garfield the Cat. #Meow

@TeddyR: BRB guys. I have to go dig the Panama Canal with my “bear” hands. #CarryaBigStick

@RichMNixon: These recipes on Pinterest look great, but as I’ve told you… I am NOT a cook!

@WilliamHHarrison: Tippecanoe and Twitter too.  #DefeatVanBuren

@JamesMadison: I ran this damn country and all you guys remember is my wife’s ice cream.  #Dolly

@Polk: When I laid out the plans for the original Facebook, it was supposed to be Polk, not Poke.

@JamesMonroe:  The New Deal, @FDR? Big deal! I had a doctrine named after me. #OhSnap

@TomJefferson: The problem with these quotes on Twitter is that you can’t validate their authenticity.