Justin Bieber dethrones Lady GagaWell, it happened.  Last night, Justin Bieber surpassed Lady Gaga to become the Twitter user with the most followers.  All hail the King.

Gaga was the most followed since she blew past Britney Spears in 2010.  She and Justin have been the two most popular users on the social networking site, but Bieber had always lagged a bit behind.  As of this posting, the stats stand at:

Justin Bieber: 33,338,425 Followers
Lady Gaga: 33,332,790 Followers

Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Barack Obama seem to be vying for the crown, as they are the three Twitter users immediately behind the King and Queen, according to the twittercounter.com.

On Facebook, Lady Gaga still leads the way with 54.98 million *likes,* compared to Justin Bieber’s 50.66 million.

I love a good Social Media story.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t one of them.