Top Facebook pages Marketing inspiration

Facebook is a major player, if not THE player in the social networking game. When it comes to business, Facebook Pages provide a place for companies to publish content, advertise, and get feedback and comments from fans. Pages allow for a myriad of opportunities to connect, share and inspire the network’s billions of users. Here, we’ve gathered a few pages for your marketing inspiration.

1. Zappos

This brand is already known for their pristine customer service and fun workplace culture, and their Facebook page does not diverge from that philosophy. Utilizing Facebook’s new call-to-action button feature, they’ve placed a “Shop Now” at the top of their page, making it seamless to visit their website. With every post Zappos reinforces their attitude of customer focus and fun–first approach: a favorable case of marrying lightheartedness with dedication to service.

TAKEAWAY: Make sure your core brand philosophy shines through in every post.

2. Burt’s Bees

Facebook page inspiration

The company’s dedication to earth-friendly, natural skin care products is apparent by their cult following. They’ve used their Facebook page as a sounding board for their customers, using a poll tab for users to answer questions about flavor and scent preferences, skincare formulas and product names. A coupon tab also offers users discounts for new products. A successful example of a Facebook page making the customer feel involved in the brand.

TAKEAWAY: Invite feedback and conversation as much as possible.

3. Old Spice

Facebook page inspiration

This company’s found the sweet spot of marketing to a demographic of 18-35 year old males. Its wildly successful towel-clad former football star changed the face of the brand back in 2011, and its Facebook page does a stellar job of keeping up the brand’s makeover. Old Spice uses Facebook as a platform to connect with fans by promoting discussions about everything from football to hitting the gym. Their feed is full of snappy short videos, product giveaways, and deliciously snarky quotes: a prime example of profitably catering to a tough-to-reach demographic.

TAKEAWAY: Keep your specific target audience in mind, and speak to them.

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4. Smartpak

Ghost Tweeting Facebook page inspiration

Here’s an example of using a Facebook business page to create an active community. With thousands of photos, video, and boatloads of discussion surrounding the company’s products, Smartpak seems to have conceived a formula that both drives sales and keeps their 400,000-member audience engaged. Offering How-to articles and asking questions on almost every post has been indispensable in getting users to engage with the equine supply company. According to the company, Facebook is the number 7 revenue referrer to the company website. You can see by looking at the page that Smartpak fans feel they are being helped, rather than sold to.

TAKEAWAY: Keep your focus on the customer, offer valuable how-to articles, and share their stories (instead of pushing your product)

5. Stella & Dot

Facebook page marketing inspiratioin

The direct-selling company focuses on creating entrepreneurial opportunities for women where they can work from home. Facebook provides a platform to educate sellers on how products can be worn and styled using video, forums and pictures. For every accessory piece that the company produces, a product tutorial video is shot with tips on how to wear it and what to wear it with. And these aren’t just any photos; their visual content is always vibrantly shot and artfully arranged. Stella & Dot serve as a lesson in fully saturating clients in every aspect of your business.

TAKEAWAY: Add video tutorials so your customers keep coming back to your page for more value.

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