A brief overview of the benefits of video on social media (plus four awesome clips!)

Ugh, is this another blog article that will make me zone out by the first paragraph? I bet it’s just a bunch of meaningless words strung together to tell me about something I don’t really care about. Another boring…hey is that a video? Cool. Now you got my attention!

Short-Attention-Span Theater

Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social media platform of choice, engagement in your content is vital. People have shorter and shorter attention spans and are always in search of instant gratification. You’re tweets, posts, or blogs should be tailor-made to appeal to this audience. One surefire way to capture their attention is with video. Good, quality, interesting video. You may have written a terrific tweet or a brilliant blog that you are sure displays your undiscovered genius, but that hardly compares to the satisfaction derived from clicking on a video, sitting back and absorbing something riveting. And watching is a lot less work than reading. (Sorry, Genius!)

Don’t Bore Us, Get to the Chorus

A great pop song is pretty formulaic. Not long. Good beat. Catchy chorus. Repeat. Instant hit. But getting to the chorus early in the tune is vital. Gone are the days of the storytelling singer-songwriters of the seventies. Casual listeners don’t want a lot of build up or narrative. This should be the model of your posts. Bring them in with an interesting line or two, then have a great video to back it up. That’s your chorus. Good pacing and nice rhythm lead to an enjoyable experience. You’ve just written a hit post. Repeat.

Are You Aware?

But how does video help you attract viewers and eventually customers? Research shows that people who view videos on Twitter are 50% more likely to be aware of an advertiser’s brand. And awareness leads to action. A memorable video that goes viral will stay with a consumer and bring positive attention to your company and your product. “Did you see that video? Let me show you,” is what you are striving for when you post. You’re trying to break through all the clutter and competition. You want to get noticed and complimented. It doesn’t hurt to get a little help and support. Video is your wingman.

Here’s a Tip

Video can be a great companion when you are giving tips or a guide. Instead of just telling your followers how to go about doing something, show them. Again, it is easier to follow along when you they can see what you are saying. How-to videos, graphs, and spokespeople are some of the ways video can assist you and get your message to the masses.

With Great Video Comes Great Responsibility

Whether you are creating your own videos or using existing ones from other sources, use this medium wisely. Know your audience and cater your content to them. Don’t show them something that is of no interest to their wants and needs or something that is so off-brand it confuses them. If you know what they want and can deliver it on brand, you are ahead of the game.

Having said that, here’s an awesome video, just for the hell of it. (And they get to the chorus).