Timmy_PirateAhoy, me hearties! Tis “Talk -” ..err… I mean “Tweet Like a Pirate Day.”

On this festive day you should be out there in the Twitterverse tweeting away, like a pirate of course. Why, you say? Because it’s a fun way to get yourself visibility! Let me explain…

image-6Right now on Twitter, #TalkLikeAPirateDay is trending, which means a lot of people are using that hashtag in their tweets. If you tweet something with #TalkLikeAPirateDay, it will be seen by all the people browsing that hashtag feed.  To be effective, we believe you have to tweet more than once, and that’s great because the more pirates, the merrier.

Adding pirate pictures or dressing up your logo with an eyepatch are also cute ways to get attention for your brand. People love a great visual!  Getting yourself out there in a fun way is… well, fun!

Keep your peepers open and check the “trending” feed often so you can keep up with it. If you’re not sure what to write, here are some sample tweets to get you on your way:

Arghhh Matey! All the pirates over at @GhostTweetings are wishing you a Happy #TalkLikeAPirateDay!

Yo-ho Yo-ho! Its the social media life for me. #socialmedia #TalkLikeAPirateDay

Now, if you sail the friendly seas of Facebook, then good news is coming your way! In honor the this international celebration, you can actually change your Facebook language to PIRATE!  Do it now, I’ll wait (tick tock, tick tock).

Welcome back, matey. Phrases like “arr” instead of “like” and “What’s troubling yer?” instead of “What’s on your mind?” are bound to put a big smile on your face.  Don’t forget to post pictures of pirates or pirate-related things, all while sneaking in your brand. And don’t forget to use the hashtag!

So get out there and start swashbucklin’ your way to social media success! Arghhhh!