swoon (swn)
intr. verb
swooned, swoon·ing, swoons

 To be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy

gt_blog_swoon_edited-1Your goal: To attract potential clients, ignite conversations about your brand, skyrocket your visibility, and build a strong reputation as an expert.

Social media is the perfect way to reach all of these objectives.

But for most business owners and CEOs (and authors, coaches, speakers, thought leaders), writing powerful social media posts that attract attention and compel their prospects to take action (click to their website, register for a call, share, comment, etc.) seems mysterious and nearly impossible.  But it really isn’t as complicated as you think.

You’re a fabulous person who people naturally fall in love with (when they get to know you), right?  Now you just have to allow your delicious personality to shine in your social media posts.  Be the “honey” so that the bees – your ideal clients – will instinctively come flying to you, craving more.  How do you do that?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Edu-tain your community

A recent study revealed that what we all want from social media – more than anything – is to be entertained.  That is the key to keeping your fans and followers engaged and coming back for more.  Excite and delight your community with humor and interesting stories.

But of course you want to combine entertainment with – well, what you actually do.  Design your entertainment to be educational.  Add humor to your product demonstrations.  Post games, challenges, and contests on your FB page.  Tweet out inspirational quotes.

Here’s a great example of edutainment from Melissa Cassera.

2. Use action words

Did you know that tweets containing more adverbs and verbs have higher *click through rates* than noun- and adjective-heavy tweets?

For example:

The Ultimate PR Solution for Entrepreneurs: https://streambankmedia.com/socialpr

will get far fewer clicks than:

Leverage the power of Social Influencers and easily attract clients with this PR Solution: https://streambankmedia.com/socialpr

Before you post, check your parts of speech!

3. Use classic powerful headline formulas

A persuasive headline on a webpage will compel a visitor to read on.  The same is true in social media posts.  A persuasive post will compel a reader to take action (click to your website, register for your upcoming call, download a report, share, comment, etc.).

The formulas that work for crafting great headlines also work for crafting great social media posts.

Do you see the title for this article? It uses a classic headline format that continues to be one of the most effective. The “How To” headline appeals to the need most of us have to improve ourselves in some way.

The secret with the “How To” headline is to focus on your prospects’ needs, and promise to fulfill those needs. You want to highlight the benefit or final result, not the process itself.

Instead of… How to Start a Home-Based Business,

How To Make Money From Home Without Sacrificing Your Family Priorities

Instead of… How To Cook Dinner on a Budget,

How To Satisfy a Family of 6 With Delicious $8 Dinners

Learn more great Headline Writing Formulas here.

So now you know some proven ways to write posts that will overwhelm your prospects with delight and joy. But maybe you just don’t have the time.  Or you would rather spend your energy on your brilliance.  Well, the best way to spend your time in your own zone of genius, but still get the benefits of attracting a loyal community on social media, is to outsource your social media to the experts.  I’d love to chat with you about all the luscious ways we can turn you into an online celebrity, while you continue to do what you love.  Head on over here to schedule a time for our call.