Three Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Marketing Game

Instagram: filled to the gills with unprecedented opportunity to reach mass audiences, visually build your brand and … share pictures of your drool-worthy Sunday brunch? Yes, the app is chock full of artfully arranged afternoon picnics and airbrushed cocktail parties but it’s swiftly becoming the perfect platform for your business to visually tell a story, offer behind the scenes pictorials, and create short behind-the-scenes snippets of video.

As the face of a business, when you’re engaging with a potential client, do you stand in front of him droning on about press releases and company stats? Of course you don’t! You discuss your lives, things you have in common, maybe show a picture of your kid at graduation this year.

The same applies for Instagram. Your audience wants to see YOU. Not just the you who wears a suit to work everyday, but the you that has dinner with the family, the you that is awkwardly clumsy, the you that loves sports. Nobody signed up to follow your company logo on Instagram, so give your audience a highlight reel of both business and pleasure. Here, three Instagramers who’ve done it right – to inspire your own Instagram marketing efforts.

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Richard Branson

Three Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Marketing Game

Take note of this account: this king of all entrepreneurs (@richardbranson) knows how to do social media well. We look up to him for his innovation, his insane success, and his adventurous side. The billionaire businessman posts a healthy mix of motivational quotes, personal travel excursions, and of course, plugs his multiple business ventures. Besides the fact he is filthy rich and leads an incredibly full life, his account also sums up his hard work ethic and the extraordinary brand that he has built. We could all learn a thing or two from this invincible business magnate’s account.

Warby Parker

Inspiring Instagram AccountsThe prescription eyewear and sunglasses giant (@warbyparker) has an interesting yet compelling way of displaying their company culture. You’d imagine an eyeglass retailer would have a page full of… boring glasses. Au contraire, the company has mastered Instagram by cashing in on real time pop-culture events with wit, relevance and artfully adding a pair of their signature frames. On their feed you’ll see quirky company parties, employee profiles (wearing a pair of Warby frames of course), event promotions, and you’ll even see photos of their frames on dogs. An example of Instagram done with humor to establish a brand.

Mark Cuban

Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Marketing GameHis prestigious titles include businessman, investor, film producer, and NBA team owner. Another big name in the world of entrepreneurs, Cuban (@mcuban) shows us what its like to get the coveted work-life balance down pat. His Instagram account is a conglomeration of business meetings, inspirational quotes, elbow rubbing with celebrities and more than a few pictures of his home life. An obvious dedication to his family is apparent when perusing through photos of kids playing laser tag, pile-ups on the couch, and anniversary celebrations with his wife. Proof positive that you can have success in business while also running a successful ship at home.

Take some cues from these accounts to learn the right ratio between posting for business and pleasure. The best way to build your brand is to make it equal parts yourself and your company, seeing that the two work together everyday anyway.

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