We’ve all found ourselves there a time or twenty: Scrolling through your Instagram, you come across a drool-worthy dish you’d love to try out, or a hilarious meme you’ve got to show your friend, but when you go back to look at it, it’s nowhere to be found. If you take a screenshot of the post, it goes into your camera roll of oblivion, with the other 3,549 photos. Bottom line: you’ll either have to search long and hard to find the post again, or simply forget about it.

instagram_bookmarkHave no fear; Instagram’s newest feature is about to save us from our camera roll’s purgatory. This update allows users to bookmark photos within the app: when you see a post you just have to go back to, simply tap the new bookmark icon at the bottom of the photo, (right across from the like, comment, and direct message buttons) and it automatically saves the image in your own personal folder of awesomeness.

Inspiration is now at the touch of your fingertips, with endless opportunities to save posts to your heart’s content, whether it be cute puppies or the latest makeup trends. Users are not notified when their content is saved, and your new bookmark folder is private. For now, the update doesn’t include multiple folders or ways to organize, but Instagram reports “this is just a starting point to help people dive into those moments of inspiration, so they can revisit them later on.”

Have you noticed that Instagram introduced a TON of updates this last year? It seems the photo-sharing app is taking pages right from the playbooks of other social media heavy hitters. Instagram Stories and its new disappearing content is eerily similar to Snapchat’s interface, while the new live feature is borrowed directly from Periscope and parent company Facebook. This newest update is reminiscent of Pinterest’s wildly popular bookmarking app. But we’re not complaining.

Could Instagram be taking the best parts of all the apps we love, and attempting to create one ultimate, complete, perfect platform – erasing the need to use other social networks? It’s not outside the realm of possibility. But it may be hard to pull die-hard Tweeters or Snapchatters away from their beloved networks. We’ll have to just wait and see.