I’ve got to say it.  Social Media isn’t always to blame.  Maybe your website sucks.

When I hear people say that they’ve “tried marketing on Social Media, and it just doesn’t work,” I think to myself… “Either you are doing it wrong (communicating the wrong message, or to the wrong people, or not communicating enough), OR… something else is wrong.”

Social Media Marketing, when done correctly, is effective.  When you market well on Social Media, you get more fans, more engagement, and more traffic to your website.

If that is the case, and you are STILL not building your business, then something else is not effective.

Maybe it’s the way your staff answers the phone.

Maybe it’s that you need more sales training.

Maybe your products or services are not attractive.

Or maybe, when someone does click your link on social media and lands on your website, they are turned off.

Social Media works.  And it is vital for any business.  But it is only one part of an overall effective marketing campaign.  If you are serious about building your business, you must be well-rounded.

Social Media is only one slice of your marketing pie!

Here are some pieces of your overall pie that you want to be continually improving:

  • Your website
  • Your niche
  • Your messaging
  • Your sales funnel
  • Your sales techniques
  • Your follow-up
  • Your products and services
        and yes….
  • Your social media marketing (Are you posting enough?  Are you targeting the right audience?  Do you post engaging, compelling content?  Do you respond in a timely manner?  Are your posts consistently in alignment with your company’s branding?)

Don’t blame *Social Media* for not getting you clients if everything else isn’t up to speed.

But if you’ve got a great product or service with good branding and a great website, it’s time to step up your social media marketing.

Oh – this can help: