What is Social Essentials?

Quite simply: Social Essentials is Ghost Tweeting’s one-post-a-day solution to your social media woes. Pick a platform (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter), and our social media writers will create and post custom content for your account. Want to learn more? Here are 10 great benefits of the program:

1. One Post a Day Means EVERY Day.

Many of our clients have come to us because they lacked consistency in their social media programs. How often have you gotten into a groove where you post for three or four days straight, and then let weeks (or months!) go by without a peep (or a tweet!)? One post a day means that you can be sure your social media feed stays active, relevant, and interesting.

2. Custom Content

Our experienced, savvy team of social media writers creates content designed specifically for you, and not generic posts that are published on multiple accounts. Though our intake questionnaire, you let us know about your goals, preferences, target market, and voice. We use this as our roadmap when researching, compiling, and writing material for your social media accounts. And yes, all of our team members are U.S.-based employees (not overseas independent contractors).

3. Thought Leadership

High-quality, relevant, consistent posting on social media positions you as a thought leader in your industry. We create social media content from your blog, website, landing pages, books, white papers, and outside sources that align with your brand. If you do not have a blog or other publications, we pull articles, graphics, information, and news from sources that share your point of view.

4. Time Savings

How much time would it take for you to create and post content to your social media sites every day, seven days per week? You have more important things to do for the life and growth of your business than to draft posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, and thought leaders know how to delegate tasks so they can focus their time and energy on their true brilliance. Outsourcing your social media content to us makes perfect sense, because that is our brilliance.

5. It’s Cheap!

Social Essentials is only $97 a month. When you think of the time it would take to create and publish 30 quality posts to your social media page every month, this price tag is a clear bargain. Want to make it even more worthwhile? Select two social media platforms for additional savings.

6. Proven Track Record

Since founding Ghost Tweeting in 2011, our writers have published several hundred thousand social media posts for our clients. Imagine that! We have the experience, knowledge, and creativity to represent you and your brand professionally, effectively, and intelligently. Take a look at what some of our Social Essentials members have to say here:

I never have to worry about what’s being posted to my page, and the consistent flow of new content has bumped up follower engagement.
Nancy SheedNancy Sheed, www.nancysheed.com
The content created by the Ghost Tweeting team represents my brand voice and is increasing my reach. Now I can work on increasing engagement!
Amber SlaughterAmber Slaughter, www.amberslaughter.com
Even family members think I’m writing my own posts!
Cheryl Marks Young, www.creativeblueprints.com
Now I don’t have to worry about having quality content posted on my page.
Adrienne Burke
Working with Ghost Tweeting has saved me so much time!
Nancy Sheed
…a steady stream of quality content, written in my voice and consistent with my brand.
Mariane Schloss, Personal Concierge
The writers post in my voice and a steady stream of great content posts to my page and helps build my credibility as a thought leader in my field.
Gretchen ZelekGretchen Zelek, DOD Fitness
As an unexpected benefit, I find that I use my LinkedIn program as a clipping service. The content they post keeps me up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in my field.
Ron H., University President
Ghost Tweeting did their homework and curated amazing content from owned materials as well as 3rd party content producers.
James Bell, Alliance Abroad Group
You’ve succeeded in converting my words and ideas into engaging, inspiring, and actionable tweets and posts.
Simon T. Bailey, Best-Selling Author & International Motivational Speaker
I get the most amazing feedback from my followers.
Ann Thomas, Esquire Coaching

7. No Commitments

Social Essentials is a month-to-month program with no long-term commitment. Want to try it for a month or two and see how you like it? We would love it – because we are convinced that once you sample the convenience and quality our program offers, you will want to stick with us. Of course, if you decide this isn’t for you, you can terminate the service at any time, with no penalty (or hard feelings!).

8. Membership Perks

When you register for Social Essentials, you are valued members of our Ghost Tweeting Community. This means you get to enjoy many of the same perks that our full-service clients do, including free tele-seminars, special offers, and discounts on other digital marketing services.

9. A True Partnership

We are committed to your success and look forward to partnering with you on social media and digital marketing campaigns as your business expands. At any time, you can upgrade to our intensively managed social media programs, or take advantage of one-time services, such as social media profile writing, Twitter chat hosting, and coaching.

10. Immediate Discount

Still on the fence and need a little nudge to get started? How’s this: Register today for our Social Essentials program, and we will waive the $100 setup fee. PLUS, we will take 15% off the first month’s service. 

To learn more and grab your 15% off coupon, take a look at the Social Essentials info page

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