In the Twitter Buzz program, we write and schedule tweets for you once per month. This means that on or about the same day every month, your writer will visit your account and write fresh tweets for you. We then schedule the tweets to be posted throughout the month. If you have an event, promotion, product, launch, video, media interview, television appearance, or anything else you want us to include, please be sure to get us the information before we write your tweets for the upcoming month. This is usually the same day of the month that you registered for your program. If you are unsure of the date, please ask! You can email the information you want posted along with the direct URLs to If you send us the information after we write your posts for the month, you will have to wait until the following month for us to tweet about it.

In the Twitter Master program, we write new tweets once per week. Feel free to email your account manager directly and he or she will make sure to use that content the next time tweets are written.

In some of our customized corporate programs, we write new tweets daily or on the fly and can accommodate daily requests for posting. Please email your account manager directly.

Please keep in mind that your writer automatically visits your site and blog when it is time to create new tweets for you; but If you would like to send us suggestions for new content, please feel free to do so, within the above time frames.