from: Nika Stewart
July 12, 2019

In 2011, we launched a program called “Twitter Done for You.” It was simple. We wrote Twitter posts and helped entrepreneurs manage their Twitter marketing. We bought a URL and called ourselves Ghost Tweeting. Cute name, right? We also registered a limited liability company called Streambank Media, LLC. 

Within a few months, we added Facebook management, and then LinkedIn and Pinterest. When Instagram was launched, we figured out how to help people grow there, as well.

But we still called ourselves Ghost Tweeting. 

Every few months, we would have a meeting to discuss the idea of changing our name. We really shouldn’t keep the name Ghost Tweeting. After all, we did so much more than Twitter management. Our audience was confused. We were likely losing business because people didn’t know that we offered powerful LinkedIn growth programs, Facebook ad management, and Instagram engagement (among other strategic social media offerings). Plus, Rob – my business partner – thought Ghost Tweeting was too “cutesy” a name for the professional services we provided.

I was the hold-up. I agreed with all the reasons we should rename, but I didn’t want to let go of everything we had built up. And the truth is… I like “cutesy.”

But a few days ago I had reached the end of my ability to hold on to two names. So I agreed to the upgrade.

It will take some time for all the branding to change, but it’s time to let you know the news:

We are now: Streambank Media.

I look forward to raising the bar with you.

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