Jared Rosenthal, Heatlh StreetThe day this photo appeared in the NY Post was the day that changed Jared Rosenthal’s life.

A full-page story gave Jared the title “Mr. Genealogy” and shared a day in the life of his mobile drug- and DNA-testing company.

This spawned a media frenzy, as the coming days, weeks, and months were filled with TV and radio interviews, full-page stories, and non-stop phone calls, leading to more than 30 production companies begging to sign Jared for a reality television contract.

But what prompted this onslaught of media attention? Really – why do people care so much about a drug-testing company from the Bronx?

It all started when Jared decided to do something bold.

The Health Street RV, which Jared and his staff drove around as a marketing tool, looked professional and clinical.  It wasn’t getting attention.

So Jared hired some local graffiti artists to go crazy on his truck, painting it up like a vandalized urban building, and including the phrase: Who’s Your Daddy?

I remember my thoughts: My baby brother Jared has gone insane. (Yes, Jared and I have the same daddy – although I have yet to flag down the Who’s Your Daddy truck to scientifically confirm this.)

The public went crazy.  Some people mocked and laughed at the large RV.  Others were horrified.  But Jared couldn’t go anywhere without crowds stopping him and his truck for photos.  “Spottings” appeared all over the Internet.  Health Street’s visibility skyrocketed.  And Jared became a beloved celebrity.

So what’s the lesson in this?  Jared – who calls himself a calculated provocateur – advises entrepreneurs to take risks.  Be provocative.  Go bold.

Health Street truck

Health Street’s newest RV

Try to appeal to everyone, try not to offend anyone, and you appeal to no one.

But do something that will most likely offend some people, and you’ll turn others into wild, raving fans.

Can you do it?  Can you take a big, provocative risk?

We’d love to hear what you’ve done to go bold, or what you are planning.  Leave your comments below…