50 Shades of TwitterWhen I finished the first Fifty Shades book, I had to immediately purchase and download the sequel.  Instantly.  I couldn’t go to sleep.  It was absolutely urgent that I read what happened next.

Have you ever felt that way about a book, a TV show, a movie sequel?  How would you like your audience to feel that excited when reading your social media postsI can’t believe it.  This is TOO good.  I need more now.

Try these three techniques employed by great writers – and effective marketers – to leave your readers breathless, excited, and feeling that urgent need for another scoop (or three) of your deliciousness.

  • Create an itch that your audience just has to scratch 
    When you post an update, don’t give the whole story.  Leave ’em in suspense.  You want to tantalize your readers, but keep them wanting more.

Yesterday I turned a complaining client into a raving fan with three simple words (I wish I thought of this earlier): www.link.com

Oooooh, that post is SO itchy!  How could you not scratch that itch?  Don’t you want to know how to turn a complaining client around so easily?  I do! I  wish that link really led to the answer!

  • Shock and Awe!
    Don’t be afraid to be controversial on social media. It’s actually a good thing to make your readers think, “Has she totally gone off her rocker?”  Their hearts will race, and they will be strongly compelled to click your link to find out what you could possibly be talking about.

Why you should never say “thank you” when someone holds open the door for you: www.link.com

What? That’s insane! I need to see what she could possibly mean by that!

When someone clicks your link to read more, they might find out that the phrase “Thank You” is so overused that people don’t even hear it anymore. And, of course, you then give them 3 better ways to express your gratitude.

  • Get emotional
    A post that stirs up feelings is always more effective than one full of facts.  And it doesn’t even matter if you evoke positive emotions or negative.  Just go for deep emotion.

3 ways to make more money from your laptop… The first 2 are cool. The 3rd may horrify you: www.link.com

A student gets rejected from a sorority. Her reaction will make you cry: www.link.com


You don’t have to be Christian Gray to seduce your readers.  You just have to think about your posts in a new way.  Be coy.  Have fun.  You’ll be tempting your audience in no time.