When a prospect first lands on your social media page, what does it say about you?  If your profile isn’t professional, updated, and complete, you will lose the chance to build a relationship.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to improve your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn:

Improve your social media profiles

    1. Have ONE Title
      Don’t list yourself as a Jack or Jill of All Trades.  Consumers want specialists – not generalists!  What is your claim to fame?  What makes you a GURU?  I know – you fear that you will be limiting your potential by eliminating all the other ways you can help people.  But trust me – when you powerfully proclaim your specific expertise, you will get a lot more attention.


    1. Use a Professional Photo
      You can’t expect people to take you seriously if you don’t have a professional headshot.  If you are in business, you need a good photo.  I recently spoke with a recruiter who said that she immediately turns people down if they have a bad photo on LinkedIn (it shows that they don’t care enough about how they present themselves to the world, so they aren’t a good fit for important positions).  Your clients – subconsciously or not – feel the same way.


  1. Be consistent
    Leverage your visibility by being consistent on all social platforms.  When someone lands on your Facebook page, you want them to be able to recognize you from having seen you on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Use the same headshot and a similar description.

It’s often the simplest things that can make or break your social media effectiveness.  Don’t ignore the basics – or your potential customers will ignore you.