Do you ever wonder if the work you are doing is really making a difference? Making money in business is great, but if our work isn’t helping people in some way, how can we feel completely fulfilled?  (Plus, of course, if our clients aren’t getting lots of value, they don’t come back. It’s a lose-lose situation.)

So, yes, I often look for outside validation to make sure I am doing a good job for our clients.  And when I get unexpected happy messages and unsolicited thank you notes, my heart sings.

I just opened this note:

Just had to tell you, I watched your video yesterday and just have to say how AMAZING it is!  I started implementing a lot of what you say and in the last 24 hrs I went from having 30 followers to 120 followers, bunch of favorites, RTs….
Basically, just wanted to drop a message and say thank you!

Which is perfect, because I’m about to launch a new class teaching those same techniques, so more people can quadruple their followers overnight! 🙂

I’m really excited to reveal our newest call:

5 Ways to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Monday, February 9
4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern
(register for free here)

We’re Going To Show You…

  • What to do one time every month so that you only have to spend 15 minutes each day on social media

  • The 3 most important parts of your profile – and how to tweak them to double your engagement

  • How to take away overwhelm and start seeing results

  • 5 quick ways to find powerful content – including a few trade secrets that we use in our office to create posts quickly and easily

I’m really looking forward to sharing this information with you.  Register for free now – and hurry because spots are limited.

If you follow the simple tips we are sharing on this call, you will see big results. (And I hope you send me a happy message to let me know!)