~ weekly social media updates to keep you in the know ~

Facebook is implementing more new features to make groups more of an attraction. This time they’ll be adding parameters that groups can put in place to auto-accept members if they fit certain criteria. Perhaps these parameters could be based on location, or a few questions – we’re not quite sure yet. Only time will tell.

Next, do those little red dots that appear in your notifications bug you? If so, Facebook is testing a new option for users to mute those dots.

Twitter is going to be working on some changes to put lists more in the public eye, as they should be. As of right now, accessing lists on Twitter takes a little clicking, and it isn’t exactly front-and-center. To take away this roadblock to using them, Twitter will be adding a more obvious, swipe-able option to access the separate custom feeds from lists alongside the usual feed all users see. Though lists themselves aren’t new, they are a hidden gem of the platform, and we think they should be given more of a spot on center stage.

Lastly, LinkedIn is going to be adding different CTA buttons to pages that owners can customize based on their needs. They’re also making waves by pulling back the curtain on how their algorithm works. Take a look!

Other useful tidbits of news:

  • Twitter recently acquired the technology company Smyte, in order to reduce crypto-spam tweets.
  • YouTube is testing an option that hides all comments on videos, with a ‘click to view comments’ button that users can choose instead. We suspect this is in response to the recent controversy over hateful and inflammatory content on the platform.
  • Instagram will be adding a stop-motion camera to the Stories feature.

That’s all for now. See you next week!