~ weekly social media updates to keep you in the know ~

Facebook has been very active this week, implementing a ‘post to group’ option to businesses pages. This addition is just a small part of a larger push by the platform to increase the use of groups.

Secondly, as of August 1st, Facebook will be removing certain page info fields, as well as developing a preview option for posts made by pages.

Another change that will mean something to brands and businesses is that in the future, the way comments are ranked on posts is going to change. In short, more engagement (comments, replies to comments by admins, etc.) will result in more visibility for posts.

Next, LinkedIn is launching some tools to help job-seekers prepare for interviews. Also, the option for some company pages to invite you to follow them is rolling out sporadically to some users. And lastly – Linkedin Live. Heard of it? It’s not exactly new, but is still steadily becoming more available for use.

Instagram is adding a new feature wherein pictures taken with the Stories camera, but not posted, will be saved for a week. (Nice to see that they’re thinking of all of the indecisive perfectionists out there.)

Lastly, Google (and consequently YouTube) will be adding new ad options incorporating VR – think virtually trying on makeup during a tutorial. Timestamps are also going to start showing up in search results for videos.

Other useful tidbits of news:

  • Twitter is going to remove precise location tagging in tweets, citing lack of use as the reason, though we suspect it also could have something to do with privacy concerns.
  • Facebook revealed some details on Libra, their cryptocurrency platform.

That’s all for now. See you next week!