~ weekly social media updates to keep you in the know ~

First, Facebook has updated their newsfeed algorithm to show more content related to pages and groups that a user follows, in addition to the usual updates from their friends.

Secondly, a new feature called Avatars is being rolled out (in the same vein as Bitmoji) where users can create an image of themselves to use in Messenger and posts. So far this new feature has only been implemented in Australia.

To increase the use of Stories on Facebook, the platform will be testing out a new composer screen for Stories, with buttons that are easier to access and understand. The motivation for this change seems to be a claim that if users knew the range of creative options available to them, they would use Stories more, so this change aims to simplify things.

Next, YouTube, following similar changes by Facebook and Twitter, is updating the rules of their platform to increase transparency and understanding.

Twitter has implemented a small quality of life change, wherein if a user accidentally follows an account and then quickly unfollows, it will not cause a notification for the other user.

Additionally, when a user gets a new follower, their entire bio is now displayed in the notification center, eliminating the step of having to click through to their profile to read up on them.

Lastly, Twitter will be implementing a feature to easily switch between accounts without having to log out, on the new Twitter, Twitter Lite, and mobile Twitter for desktop. More on these Twitter updates here.

Instagram is adding options for brands to promote posts from influencers using their products and talking about their brand.

Also, a new lyrics sticker is being added to Instagram Stories, to accompany the music features.

In other news, Amazon is launching a new feature called Style Snap, in which a picture of an outfit can be uploaded to the app, and image recognition technology will quickly recommend purchases based on the image.

And finally, Skype is officially launching screen sharing on mobile.

Tip of the week:

Transparency is key for brands on social media. Users care about important issues and want to know that you are being responsible with their data and engagement. Here are the best ways to build trust with your audience.

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