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What’s Happening in Social – Week ending June 15

LinkedIn is adding some initiatives for marketing and promotional efforts, so users can better understand how their connections interact with their content. The platform is launching an ad review program, wherein every month a piece of sponsored content that performed well is analyzed and its successes broken down.

Additionally, there will be a new research and insights program shared weekly to dive into the who, what, why, and how of purchases made from LinkedIn.

Next, Twitter, has begun testing in Canada a new “hide replies” feature, in order to give users greater control over the kind of experience they want on the platform. If a certain post attracts some unsavory responses, users can now open a drop-down menu from a specific reply and choose to hide it from view for everyone. This will then result in a “view hidden tweets” option, if some curious souls decide they want the scoop.

Following trends started by other platforms, Facebook will be adding a double-tap feature for likes, as well as the option to add question stickers to Stories. They’ve also recently released a new report on how to reach your audience.

Other useful tidbits of news:

  • If you heard rumors going around on Twitter that you’ll soon be getting notifications when a tweet is shared in a private message, you can relax now – Twitter has confirmed this is false.
  • Snapchat saw a huge increase in downloads after launching the gender-swap and baby-face filters.