Amplify your messageSo you want to change the world, huh?  Of course you do!  But if you have a powerful message that can improve lives, it doesn’t do any good if no one hears it.  You want to act on your mission, spread your message, and inspire other people to take action.

I have found Twitter to be an extremely effective place to do this.

Here are some simple-to-apply ways to quickly spread your message / brand / mission on Twitter:

    • Write a mission-driven bio
      Describing your message in a powerful and compelling way – in less than 160 characters – can be a challenge. But that’s what you must do to attract followers and inspire them to join your mission.  Make sure you share something personal (to connect with your audience), and showcase your credibility (include why YOU are the right person to share this mission).
    • Get others to share your message
      When others endorse your message by retweeting your post, it can spread exponentially throughout the world. To get more retweets, use these tips:

      • Post quotes.  Inspiring quotes are often retweeted. Find quotes that match your branding and are in alignment with your Change the World message. These can be sayings from celebrities or even yourself!
      •  Be different, be profound, stand out, be funnyTwitter is very busy, fast, and chaotic. To get noticed, your tweets much catch someone’s attention in the blink of an eye. Don’t be afraid to be uncommon, controversial, bold, witty, or daring. The tweets that stand out are the ones that get retweeted.
      • Be topical.  Tweets about a current event or trend will catch attention. We all like to be a part of trendy conversations, and RTing a tweet about a hot topic is a common way that people join in.
    • Tweet OFTEN
      Yes, often.  If you want to spread your message in a big way, you want to be posting at least once every hour.  4 times each hour is even better.
    • Be consistent!
      Be sure that EVERY post you make is in alignment with your branding.  EVERY one.

Apply a few of these ideas, and you will see your message start spreading faster throughout the world.  Now go share your brilliance!

about the authorNika Stewart is the CEO of, a “Done for You” company that manages the social media presence for a diverse clientele including best-selling authors, television hosts, international speakers, and renowned entrepreneurs.  Nika loves working with aspiring and renowned thought leaders. She specializes in generating “buzz” and excitement for her clients through high-impact social media campaigns.Follow Nika on Twitter: @NikaStewart