Video on social networks is nothing new, but Instagram continues to leap forward with exciting new features that align with how we record and consume broadcasts, and further transform the way people connect with each other.

As you have probably heard, Instagram now offers IGTV, a new way to watch videos, made exclusively for your phone. If you’re an avid Instagram user, you’ve likely already come across the pop-ups in the app, the yellow-orange banner and TV symbol glaring at you from the top of the screen. Don’t ignore these bright notifications. Click them, and dive into this exciting new mode of video sharing!

How Does IGTV Work?

IGTV can be accessed two ways — from inside the Instagram app, or through its own free app. The choice is up to you, as the user interface is exactly the same in both. If you like keeping everything together, then just click on the TV icon in the Instagram app. But, if you’d like to be able to focus on long-form video content separate from Instagram’s usual photos, the IGTV app may suit you more.

What’s unique about IGTV is that the videos are made for mobile devices, and can only be viewed in a vertical orientation, similar to Instagram Stories. But these videos can exceed the usual one-minute limit; in fact, they can be up to a full hour in length. And like regular television, IGTV organizes the accounts you follow by “channels.”

In order to upload videos to IGTV, just click the TV button,

then click the gear icon in the corner and select “create channel.”

Once you’ve created your channel, you’re free to post whatever sort of video content you want. And when you enter the app, the videos uploaded by accounts you follow will already be there for you to browse. You can also search through videos that are currently popular across the app, as well as search with keywords. Switching between channels is as simple as a swipe of your finger, just like how you’d swipe to move through Stories in the regular app.

How Can I Use IGTV to Grow My Business?

What’s most exciting about this new feature for us entrepreneurs is the ways we can use it to boost visibility for our brands. Though the possibilities for using video to connect with an audience are practically endless, here are three specific ideas of ways to use this new feature with your business account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you receive a lot of comments on your posts asking the same questions over and over? Or do you need to spend time answering the same questions from prospective clients on your website, by email, and on the phone? Collect all those questions, and film a weekly Q&A video for your IGTV channel. Your followers can get valuable information from you in a way that adds a human touch to your brand, AND you’ll save so much customer service time!

Behind the Scenes

Peel back the curtain and let us into the inner workings of your business. We all feel more connected to a brand when we see what goes on behind the scenes. No airbrushing or editing needed: We want to see the real you, the dirty truth of what it takes to get your products and services to market. Allowing your audience to see how you go about your process can fortify their respect for your work (and build strong loyalty to your brand).

Product Reviews

For social media influencers, IGTV is the perfect place to post detailed reviews of products and services, without having to move to a whole new platform. All your Instagram followers are already your IGTV followers, and you can strengthen those connections in the same place they were conceived. Post short previews in your Story or on your profile, and after garnering some interest, direct followers to your IGTV channel to see the full perspective. Tag accounts of the featured products to make them aware of your reviews.


New features may seem overwhelming at first, but IGTV is in fact a simple and clear-cut way to grow your engagement and audience on Instagram. So… are you ready to have your own TV channel?


Thank you, Carly Racklin, for your contribution to this article.