Ever see an Instagram account that really speaks to your soul? Gorgeous photos that all seem to perfectly and flawlessly follow a theme? And based on the huge volume of interactions on every photo, you can see how much all of the followers love this account.


Since it came onto the social media scene in 2010, Instagram has been the premier platform to communicate with audiences visually. Used by almost half of all brands, it’s forecasted that 70% of all businesses will be using the platform for marketing by the end of 2017. Here are the top five Instagram errors that are causing your business to suffer.

Error #1: Having a weak strategy

Instagram arguably provides the best platform to tell your brand’s story through imagery. Sure, you want to have a presence on the network, but if you’re not posting with intention your efforts are harming your ability to grow. Create a marketing strategy that determines your objectives. Your goals should be clear: Increase your brand awareness? Showcase a product? Connect with influencers in your field? After you’ve established that, find you target audience; who they are, where they live, and what they do. Your content strategy should be based on these objectives, with every post moving you one step closer to your goal.

Error #2: Not posting enough

There’s no magic one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to the post frequency for your account, but there are some things we do know for sure. Posting sporadically and infrequently is a surefire way to lose followers fast. Determine your account’s sweet spot, whether it’s once a day or three times a week, and stick to that schedule. Remember not to sacrifice quality for quantity just so you can meet a post quota. It makes it easier when you create a content schedule so you know what you’ll be posting in advance.

If sticking to a consistent schedule is your biggest headache, we’ve got you covered. Our Instagram Master program posts your branded photos on your account every day – using keywords, hashtags, and compelling copy to attract your audience, increase engagement, and grow your brand visibility.

Error #3: Misusing hashtags

First off, you need to be using hashtags on Instagram: it’s the easiest way to get discovered by new users. Conduct a thorough research of relevant hashtags that pertain to your business, target audience, or local area. Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags per post, and many brands don’t mind using up every single hashtag opportunity for exposure. It’s up to you how many hashtags you use per post, but by all means: use them!

Error #4: Lack of engagement

When followers comment, you should comment back, plain and simple. Your Instagram account is there to connect you with new audiences that have the ability to be converted into future customers. By not interacting with your audience, you’re shortchanging your brand out of valuable connections. Forge new contacts by finding and following users in your target audience and don’t forget to like and comment on their content as well.

Error #5: Not having a theme

If you’re just posting haphazard pictures of company logos mixed with selfies and memes, you’re not going to rope in followers. Some of the most successful Instagram accounts attract attention due to their aesthetically pleasing feeds. Your theme doesn’t have to be painfully narrow, but when users scroll through your account, they should see some kind of cohesion between your images. Ways to accomplish this are endless: stick with the same filter, display the same color schemes, or make a minimalist account. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it’s something that you can consistently stick to.