Sources for Social Media Inspiration

Could your limp content strategy benefit from a boost? You already know the importance of a social media presence in promoting yourself or your business. But are you regularly keeping audiences engaged with fresh, relevant posts and asking the right questions to spark conversation? If you find yourself in a rut coming up with content, we’ve discovered some invaluable and easily implemented post types that will get users’ attention while keeping your time on social media to a minimum.

Pop culture

All right. Stop, collaborate and listen: nothing says relevance better than being… ummm, relevant. Sharing content based on the latest buzz, whether a national event, hit song, must-watch show, viral meme or just that Chewbacca lady that everyone’s talking about, proves indispensable when engaging the masses. People are more likely to share content that resonates, and that may mean adding a relatable reference onto your general, technical or informative post. Merging the two worlds is doable and can be wildly successful if done right.


This one is my favorite. Nothing packs an emotional punch like an assemblage of impactful words. This type of content is well received by audiences due to their brevity and relevance. Case in point: quotes are 10 percent more likely to be retweeted on Twitter, so finding a good quote can be a painless way to increase your exposure. For bonus points, use a user-friendly app like PicLab or Canva to create a picture quote with an appropriate graphic: think John F. Kennedy’s quote, “The best road to progress is freedom’s road” written over a picture of a meandering highway through the desert.

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Leverage viral sites

Sites like Upworthy, Buzzfeed, Distractify, ThoughtCatalog and Ranker are rife with shareable media from a plethora of categories. These sites have capitalized on the “bored at work” audience that is searching for ways to alleviate the ennui with short and sweet posts. You’ll find these “clickbait” articles easy to find, read, and share on social media, with much of the content being genuinely engaging. When you’re suffering from lack-of-stuff-to-post-itis, comb through these content resources to find interesting articles and shareable content. But be careful: users are known to find themselves in an hours-long informational vortex due to the amount of content readily available. Proceed with caution.

Share acquaintances’ content

You’re busy enough; resist the urge to constantly come up with your own unique content. Re-sharing other users’ content is a great way to not only take a break from creating your own, but to introduce new connections while validating existing ones. Make sure the reposted content is of quality and relevant to your brand’s voice. Don’t forget to tag the author of the original post to build new relationships and open up communication.

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