We all want more social media engagement.  Retweets, comments, and favorites mean that your name and message are being spread to more people, and that leads to increased visibility and brand recognition.

So how do we strengthen our Twitter engagement?  The good news is that it is acceptable (encouraged, actually!) to post often on Twitter, so you can try many types of posts to see what works for you.  Here are the top words and phrases (based on research and the thousands of posts we publish each week for our Ghost Tweeting clients) that get the most engagement:

Words and phrases that get you more Twitter engagement:


Please Retweet

Social Media

How to

New blog post

Types of Twitter posts that get the most retweets:

Images:  Tweets with images are more likely to be shared, but only if the image is uploaded to Twitter in certain ways.  Tweets including Instagram or Facebook image links are LESS likely to be retweeted. It is much more effective to upload your image on Twitter – directly into your tweet.

Quotes:  Tweets including quotation marks are much more likely to be retweeted than those that do not.

Hashtags: Using hashtags has a positive effect on engagement.  Tweets with 1 – 3 hashtags are more likely to be shared.

If you don’t have the time to post engaging tweets every day (but you still want more clients), think about outsourcing your posting to the pros at Ghost Tweeting.

Try out some of these ideas in your posts.  If you are consistent, you will notice a boost in your comments, shares, and favorites.