12 Easy Ways to Create Highly Sharable Content on FBWhat’s more yummy than Facebook Candy? Okay, maybe chocolate – but this is almost as good. Facebook Candy are posts that Facebook users immediately want to share with their own networks.  Certain types of posts are shared, liked, and commented on at much greater frequency than others.

When your updates are shared, you get free exposure, your online presence gets a big boost, and your sales begin to climb.  Referrals from Facebook are surging!

“Social” is really all about sharing.  A study done by the Journal of Market Research showed that sharing is evoked by emotion. Content that activates awe, anxiety, surprise, and interest is most sharable, while content that activates sadness is least sharable.

So how do you create content that gets shared?

Here are 12 tips for creating Sharable Facebook Candy:

  1.  Photos
    Photos on Facebook get a slightly higher EdgeRank score, which means they show up more often in the News Feed.  With better visibility, you have a higher chance of being seen and shared. And photos are shared often!
  2. Humor
    Be funny, quirky, intriguing. Your fans want to be entertained. And they want to share entertaining posts.
  3. Graphic Quotes
    We all love to share quotes that inspire, entertain, motivate, or evoke emotion.  If you can create a graphic of your quote, it will be shared more often.  Don’t forget to put your name or website on the graphic, so YOU benefit from the visibility.
  4. Unbelievable!
    People share things that are surprising or different.  Write about things that are strange, unexpected, or shocking.
  5. Keep it short
    Considering how much content overload with which we are bombarded, it makes sense that a shorter post will more likely catch your followers’ attention.  Shorter posts are shared more often. 
  6. Call to action
    Interestingly enough, if you tell people to share your post, it will more likely get shared.  In your status update, write something like: SHARE if you agree!
  7. REAL news
    “News scoops are inherently social content.  Telling people something NEW is a great strategy if you want people to share your content.” ~ BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti
  8. Exclusive
    Got a special offer? Something that is only for a certain community?  Post your exclusive news, and watch it get shared.
  9. Lists
    Oh, how we love fun lists.  Post a great list and everyone will want it on their own page.  (6 Cool Apps for Your Smart Phone, 7 Ways to Save Money on Your New Computer) …
  10. Interact
    You’ll want to interact when people engage with your posts.  Your personal engagement reminds people that there is a real person with whom to build a relationship and connect.
  11. Links
    When you post a link in your status update, a graphic from that webpage shows up.  This makes your post more sharable.  Add a question or quote in the text box to encourage more engagement and sharing.
  12. Consistency!
    Posting on a consistent, frequent basis, every day, shows your community that you have steady content for sharing.  And when they see others sharing your posts, they learn to share themselves.

And after sharing all of this yummy Facebook candy, treat yourself to some chocolate – you deserve it!