FB posts that trigger the most responseYou want to get more comments and likes on your Facebook posts?  You need to post updates that trigger people emotionally, compelling them to respond.

So what types of posts trigger the most responses?

  • Ask people to discuss their kids:
    We might not like listening to other people talk about their kids, but we all want to talk about our own!  If you ask fans to share a family story, or a funny kid moment, you will likely get lots of engagement.  See if you can relate this to your branding.
  • Talk about feelings:
    Questions like, “How do you feel about…” evoke responses, and fans often come back to continue the conversation with other responders.
  • Give fans a way to save money:
    If you can offer a coupon or discount on a commonly used item, your fans will not only snatch up your coupon, but share it with their friends.

What types of posts discourage response?

  • Vague or obscure questions:
    While questions are a great way to encourage engagement, people don’t often respond to vague ones.  A post like, “What one thing do you need to get done this morning?” will get more response than, “How’s it going?”
  • Selfish promotion:
    YES, there is a way to promote effectively on Facebook.  But if your promotion doesn’t give any value, if it doesn’t focus on a powerful benefit, your fans will be turned off.

Use these tips and experiment on your page.  What types of posts get the most response from YOUR audience?