Week ending July 26, 2019

~ weekly social media updates to keep you in the know ~

This week Facebook, in the wake of reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over privacy breaches, has announced an agreement reached with the FTC to completely overhaul how the platform deals with private information. 

LinkedIn has added the ability to search by service, as well as incorporate service listings into profiles. This exciting change is currently rolling out for some freelancers and entrepreneurs with a Premium Business subscription.

A small but welcome change by Twitter is the ability to both retweet and retweet with a comment. Previously users were prevented from doing both.

Next, Instagram is testing a new feature to list mentions in Stories in a new “Stories about you” tab, making it easier for high profile users and brands to see when they’re being talked about.

And finally, Pinterest is launching a self-help tool for users dealing with stress and fatigue, as well as the ability to create ads from mobile devices.

That’s all for now. See you next week!