Week ending August 2, 2019

~ weekly social media updates to keep you in the know ~

Facebook has come out with a handful of changes for advertisers. One of these new tools, called AdInboxMe will allow you to sign up for emails whenever a competitor posts a new ad, allowing brands to stay on top of competition’s ad strategies. Secondly, brands and businesses can now target ads based on search terms.

And finally, Facebook Creator Studio will now allow creators to schedule and post to Instagram.

Also concerning Instagram is a new greenscreen feature which allows users to replace the background from their Stories with other images. They’ve also revealed information about some efforts to improve their web performance.

Next, Twitter is testing a few small, quality-of-life changes: an extra small font size option, as well as the ability to drag and re-order images in a tweet.

Our last bit of news involves LinkedIn. The platform has released yet another guide on how to use its objective-based marketing approach.

That’s all for this week. See you next time!