Facebook can be a huge waste of time.  But not if you start with INTENT.

Don’t waste one more minute on Facebook if you aren’t clear on your intention. Your intention affects your actions.  When you have a clear intent, you are much more likely to reach your goals.

So what is your Facebook Intention?  Here are some ideas of intentions that can be very easily achieved on Facebook:

  • Building your Brand
    If you want to evoke specific impressions of your company’s branding, make sure that everything you post and everything you do is in line with your image.
  • Driving traffic to your blog
    Post compelling titles and exciting summaries that link to specific posts on your blog.
  • Getting offline media attention
    Connect with people in the media, pr agents, publicity specialists.  Make sure your posts are newsworthy, and show that you are a true expert in a very specific niche.
  • Fostering word of mouth
    Connect with your current and past clients.  Connect with their friends.  Join in their conversations.  See what they are talking about, and add value.
  • Gathering a tribe of ideal prospects
    Join groups that include your target audience.  ‘Like’ pages of related topics.  Post valuable, generous tips often.
  • Search engine optimization
    The search engines love social media because it is constantly updated.  Post status updates often, and use the keywords that your ideal prospects are searching for.
  • Educating yourself
    Listen to what your customers and prospects are talking about.  Ask them what they need.  Join in conversations.  Then use this knowledge to improve your business offerings.

Yes, you can “build your business” on Facebook, but not by going about it directly.  You won’t get more clients by promoting yourself all the time.  Get clear on a “sub-intention” (perhaps one of the intentions listed above?), work on that goal, and your business will naturally grow as a result.