Read any business journal, and you cannot help but notice the focus on social media as an essential element in any company’s marketing campaign. In virtually all television, radio, print, outdoor, and internet ads, companies are inviting visitors to “Like us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter.”

Buy why? Before jumping in to the social media arena, it is important to understand its power and limitations so that you can enjoy the benefits it delivers.

In a nutshell, here are the main reasons why every company needs a social media presence:

  • Increased credibility
  • Brand recognition
  • Consumer engagement / Client loyalty
  • Website traffic
  • Sales

A long-term, properly managed social media campaign provides an exceptionally high marketing ROI for companies of all sizes.

Let’s take a closer look into some of the benefits of social media…


Years ago, companies debated over the value of having a website (Remember that?!). Companies late in building their web presence suffered a loss of credibility in the eyes of consumers. In many respects, if you didn’t have a strong web presence, you simply did not exist.

Recently, the debate has resurfaced – this time over the value of social media. It has reached a tipping point where the same test of credibility is at stake. Companies late to the social media party are scrambling just to keep up with their competition. The lack of a robust social media presence is enough to cast doubt in the minds of consumers regarding the company’s legitimacy.

Brand Recognition:

Brands routinely use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to expand their presence, attract new fans, and enhance consumer awareness. Facebook is rapidly approaching one billion (yes, billion with a “b”) users, and there are hundreds of millions of “tweets” posted each year on Twitter. If you ignore the reach and power of social media, there is a gaping hole in the center of your marketing strategy.

Consumer Engagement:

Social media provides an excellent forum for companies to communicate directly with their customers and prospects. It is a group of platforms on which customers can voice their opinions (good and bad!) of a company, their products, and customer service operation. It is important to note that these consumers will be vocal on Facebook and Twitter whether or not you have a social media presence!

With a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook, companies have unprecedented opportunities to interact directly with their customers on a very personal level. Forward-thinking companies are using these platforms to promote good will and customer loyalty, immediately address little problems before they become PR nightmares, and turn satisfied customers into excited brand ambassadors.

Studies show that consumers trust the opinions of social media “friends” a lot more than traditional advertising. Engaging with loyal fans on social media promotes a positive brand image.

Website Traffic:

In conjunction with relevant, appealing website content, social media can be used as a driving engine to increase traffic to your site(s), blog, and specials. Your social media consultant can show you ways to use your website as magnets for prospects and customers.

In today’s marketplace, any effective marketing strategy includes a powerful social media component. Consumers do most of their shopping & vendor research online. For companies to survive and grow, they must develop a compelling social media presence.

Speak with one of our principals to learn more about how a professionally managed social media program can benefit your company. It’s time to leverage the tremendous power of social media to keep your company relevant and thriving in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.