Which Instagram filters should I use

Ahhh, filters. What have they done to us? This is an easy answer: they’ve created the ability to make faces a smidge tanner, moods a tad more enchanting, and the world a bit more ethereal in an Instagram second. But is there a filter that is superior to the rest? Let’s find out.

First, picture this…

A filter is not a photography teacher, but a tool to play up the features in an already-good photo. Nothing replaces a good image, so it’s worthwhile to create a standard of excellence in the photos you choose to post. Studies show that images with faces increase engagement by 38% and lighter images get much more engagement than dark photos. Images showing real customers using products see a 30% increase in engagement, while blue-dominant images get 24% more engagement than red-dominant images. Post accordingly.


One of the brightest filtering options on the gram, this filter has the ability to heighten contrast, emphasize shadows and add its signature dose of vibrancy. Lo-Fi remains a top filtering option for photos of food, nature and action shots. Brands that use this filter report receiving a five percent increase in engagement, and about 14 percent of Instagram’s photos utilize the filter.


This filter is not only one of the most used filters for Fortune 500 companies; it has also proven to be the most successful for engagement. Mayfair does a stellar job of brightening the center of an image while adding a warm pink tone with a subtle vignette around the corners that adds drama. This is a prime example of a versatile filter that works with most any picture you post.

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It may be the center of the world’s music scene, but it’s also the namesake of one of Instagram’s best-kept secrets. While a mere 2 percent of users utilize this filter, studies show Nashville garners 5 percent greater engagement than a post with no filter at all. In Instagram land, it’s all about contrast, and Nashville adds a level of warmth that gives photos a vintage feel. This combination is proven to increase both views and comments.


Oh, how we love thee, Rise. This filter possesses the magical powers of softening images and fading out blemishes while slightly increasing the brightness with a pale yellow, making you (or your photo) look as if it’s basked in a morning glow. Rise is the perfect option for brightening an underexposed or dark photo and for taking the focus away from blemishes and imperfections. Bonus: research shows warm filters get the most comments and have a higher-than-average view rate. I don’t know about you, but I’ll Rise to that occasion.