Three Reasons to Integrate your Social Media

When you run your social media pages like independent silos, it’s a lot like your arms and legs operating with a mind of their own, pulling you in every direction. But when you take a strategic, integrated approach to social media, your steps are in sync, your Twitter and Facebook limbs support the company body’s total effort, and you present a consistent unified message.

What does “integrated” mean?

An integration is a connection of networks that speak to each other, much like computers on a local network sharing information. When you’re integrating your social media platforms, you are essentially using them to work together.  Integrating all of your social media channels saves you time, quickly increases you visibility, and earns you trust.

So how do you do that?

Save Time

Well, let’s be honest. You can’t really save time.  But you can use the time you have wisely. If you are going to spend 30 minutes on social media, you can either:

  • Log onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for 10 minutes each
  • Spend the full 30 minutes on an integrated connection of all your networks, giving your full energy and focus to spreading your message and engaging with the right people.

In which instance do you think you’ll be more effective in getting out your message? 

Integrate all of your social platforms on a tool like Post Planner or Hootsuite, so you can log on one time each day and get your broadcasting and engaging done efficiently.

Increase Visibility

You want to be top of mind when someone thinks of your industry.  But it takes time to become a familiar expert.  Familiarity, however, is achieved much quicker if your social media is integrated.  You can only establish a recognizable brand if you are, well, recognizable. If someone who is following you on Twitter sees you on LinkedIn, will they know it’s you? You can double or triple the possibility of people recognizing you as the expert if you are consistent on every network.

Do you want to accelerate your visibility – and your trust factor? Then listen close: make sure your branding is the same on every single social media profile AND in every single post you make.  That means:

  • Your name, profile photos, banners, and imagery are the same or similar in mood on every network
  • Every post and comment you make is in alignment with your brand
  • Every share, RT, and like reflects your branding
  • Every photo and video post matches your style

In other words, every word out of your mouth (or out of someone else’s mouth if you are sharing) is clearly in alignment with your core values and message. Everything from the photography to the hashtags must have the same look and feel to it. ONE post out of alignment will sever trust. And once that trust is gone, it’s very hard to gain it back.

Earn Trust

As you become recognizable, you become more credible. And when you are seen as credible, reliable, easily trusted, you start to notice the following:

  • Selling becomes easier, and the sales cycle becomes shorter. Experts can often sell a program that takes others weeks to sell (with proposals, phone calls, follow-ups…) right over the phone because they already have the trust of the buyer.
  • Other influencers want to co-create with you and share your message, allowing you to reach a larger audience.
  • Leads seem to pour in faster. Everyone wants to work with an expert.
  • You are invited to speak more often in front of your target audience.

These days, social media is not to be treated as an afterthought: entire brands have been created as a result of successfully integrated social media campaigns. Take our advice; once you streamline your social media to fully encompass your brand, you’re already well on your way to increasing your visibility and becoming known as the expert in your target community.

Stop being tactical, and start running your marketing strategically. Integrate your social media platforms. Get more help here.