So, you want to increase likes on your Facebook business page? Maybe rack up a few more Twitter followers? Your goal with every post should be to attract new fans and followers, but not just anyone. You want your audience genuinely interested and engaged with your brand. Below, we’ve come up with five simple hacks to get you on the road to authentic engagement and brand development.

  1. Be a copycat

Check out successful campaigns of yesteryear and replicate some of their tried and true methods. Learn from the masters: photo contests, coupons, polls and even an offer to draw a picture of every new follower have all been done with wildly successful results. Shoot for the stars; be as creative as your brand allows and always keep your target audience in mind.

  1. Create buzzworthy content

The internet is rife with content from cutesy kitten videos to perfecting your French braid to published medical journals. We are inundated daily with information overload. Is the content you are sharing hilarious, emotional, or compelling? Your content will need to stick-out to your audience in a way that is memorable, attention-grabbing, and of course, on brand.

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  1. Interact with other social media users

This needs to start months before any promotional campaign begins. In fact, you should already be engaging with communities you wish to leverage on a daily basis. Use Twitter to spark up conversation and answer user questions. Facebook is a great platform for sharing insightful blog posts and following influencers. Instagram works for commenting on photos and introducing your business to a new pool of potential clients.

  1. Use Facebook ads

Launching a Facebook ad campaign can cost as little as five bucks and you can target by age, interests and location. By honing in on a specified demographic, you increase your company’s chances of becoming visible to the exact audience you wish to reach. It’s all about getting your name out there: start off small, see what works for you and examine Facebook’s metrics at the end of your ad campaign. You may be surprised with the results.

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  1. Create a clear call-to-action

Your prospects want to know what they get out of the deal. Because of this, you should avoid immediately soliciting money for a product or service. Your campaign should not scream “BUY!” Create an approachable yet authoritative link to your product/service/webinar/special report. Tell followers what to do and why (“Click the link to download your free checklist”). Create a sense of urgency; you’ll be much more likely to get clicks when you offer a “one-time offer” or “this week only.”

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, kickstarting your social media campaign takes a bit of planning, some trial and error, and having the drive to see it through. The key is consistency, community, and creativity. If you’re low on any of those elements or could use a boost in getting started, check out Ghost Tweeting’s social media programs.