Finding just the right content to tweet is a great source of stress for many entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Quite a few soon-to-be clients of ours have told us of their woes staring at their computer or mobile screens with a tweet box open for hours on end, searching for something – anything to share with their followers.
Is this you? Haven’t tweeted since you shared that video of you doing this hot new dance called the Macarena? Well, you’ll be happy you stumbled upon this post, because after reading it, you’ll be on your way to tweeting like a pro.
For starters, you shouldn’t let perfect be the enemy of good. It’s a tweet, for Pete’s sake, not your submission for a Pulitzer Prize. A good tweet aligns with your brand, and is one of the following: informative, useful, entertaining, witty, or inspirational. If you hit at least one of these requirements, break out of your stupor, and press that tweet button.
Here’s are a few go-to ideas that will help build your Twitter content library:

Feed the Blog

One of the very best things you can do for your brand is to create valuable blog content consistently. Read this article if you need reasons why a blog is important to help grow your business. If you already are drinking the blog Kool-Aid, then do yourself a favor, dig deep into your knowledge bank, and craft a few articles that your audience will appreciate. Not only will you be supporting your SEO efforts, but you will be creating a mountain of high-level content you can share repeatedly on your Twitter feed.
Why, look at this article so far. I’m just getting started and already I have a handful of tweets:
One of the very best things you can do for your brand is to create valuable blog content consistently.
Need some help in finding really great content to tweet about? Here are some great tips: #ContentMarketing #Twitter
Got Tweeter’s block? Here are a few creative suggestions to get u unstuck and create a mountain of quality content:
Great Sources for Twitter Content You Can Use Right Now: #ContentMarketing
And remember that blog post you wrote last month? You know, the one you tweeted about two or three times and then forgot about? Well, it’s time to revisit it and tweet it out again. As long as the content is evergreen and valuable, there’s no reason you can’t post it again (and again!). The chances of one of your followers seeing it twice (and remembering it) is close to zero. Quality blog content should be kept in your tweet rotation for months.

Share & Share Alike

The greatest form of flattery on Twitter is the retweet. If you are stuck for something to say, there’s no need to scramble for fresh content; simply run a Twitter search for a favorite hashtag and find a relevant post to retweet. Your followers will enjoy the content, and the original poster will appreciate the share. Plus, if you retweet often enough, the Twitter community will see that you are not only a broadcaster, but an engager as well.

This Just In …

Skim though your favorite online publication or blog and find a breaking news story you want to share with your followers. Many of the people following you are doing so because you are an expert in your field. They expect you to be the one to bring interesting and timely industry developments to their attention. Here’s your chance to further cement your thought leadership and offer valuable content to the Twitter community.
And if you remember to @mention the publication and the author, you could be on your way to building a relationship with an influencer:
Not sure what to tweet about? This post by Robert Mandelberg will point you in the right direction: @StreambankMedia

Show Appreciation

Many of us are always on the lookout for interesting people to follow. Why not introduce your followers to someone you admire? No need to wait until Friday to give someone a #FollowFriday shout-out:
Get some laughter into your day! I love following @FunnyManCharlie for his witty tweets & wacky advice.


Funny or inspirational quotes are among the most retweeted content on Twitter. If you have a favorite comedian or thought leader, research some of her one-liners and tweet away! Don’t forget to attribute the quote to the original source.
Ready to up your Twitter game? Take one or two of these suggestions right now and start posting. And, as always, if you find that it’s more productive for you to outsource your social media content marketing, take a look to see how we can enhance your thought leader status with quality, on-brand content and consistent posting.